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Big Workflow: Accelerates Insights That Inspire Data-Driven Decisions

We’re proud to announce Big Workflow, an industry term coined by Adaptive Computing that accelerates insights by more efficiently processing intense simulations and big data analysis. Big Workflow derives its name from its ability to solve big data challenges by streamlining the workflow to deliver valuable insights from massive quantities of data across multiple platforms, […]

Reading List: HPC Cloud, XaaS, and Zombie Clouds

Adaptive Computing specializes in intelligent cloud management with our product, Moab Cloud Suite. Moab Cloud Suite enables organizations to create agile, automated, and adaptive private clouds or hybrid clouds from their diverse IT infrastructure. Not only do our specialists help to improve Adaptive Computing’s cloud software, but also they stay well versed in news and […]

How Moab Cloud Suite Optimizes Your Private Cloud

The Moab Cloud Suite continuously optimizes your private cloud so users can set up their own IT services in minutes. While eliminating the risks of application issues, failures, and costly management headaches, Moab Cloud Suite’s Service Catalog portal presents available services in a quick search format so users can easily find the service they need. […]

Reconfigure Your Expectations About Cloud Config

When vendors pitch software, they spend a lot of time demoing and discussing what the software can do, and usually no time exploring how the software gets into a usable state in the first place. The assumption that they hope their prospective customers make is that installation and configuration are straightforward and uninteresting. In fact, […]