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Big Paring – Data Center Journal


David Beer September 2, 2014 I think a lot about big data and the challenges it proposes. I guess I started thinking about big data a long time before I ever heard the term. I began to think about it when I heard and read one of the conclusions of the postmortem for the events […]

Questions About Women and STEM – Data Center Journal


Jeff Clark August 26, 2014 Writing at DatacenterDynamics, Jill King (Adaptive Computing’s VP of marketing) considered the issue of gender imbalance in many high-tech industries, asking, “What can be done to close that gap?” Stepping beyond simply blaming men for the scarcity of women, King suggested that “there is also a dearth of inspiration pushing women into these […]

Inspiring Women for STEM Careers – Inside HPC


Jill King Adaptive Computing’s VP of marketing August 30, 2014 Over at DataCenter Dynamics, Jill King from Adaptive Computing writes that women are severely underrepresented in STEM professions: In fact, only about a quarter of workers in STEM fields were women as recently as 2011. To begin to address this issue, King reached out to three colleagues in the HPC industry […]

Film Studios Refocus HPC Management Lens – HPCWire


Nicole Hemsoth August 25, 2014 With the help of advanced supercomputing technologies, animated films have evolved from simple cycles of sketches to photorealistic, physics-accurate works of art. As many of us have tracked, from the dawn of Pixar to the latest blockbusters where humans interact with realistic animations, there seems to be no limit to […]

Inspiring the Next Generation of Women to Blaze Trails & Embrace STEM Careers – HPCWire


Jill King I recently returned from vacation in Orlando, Fla. where I had the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center for the first time. It was exciting to see our customers and partners’ logos lining the walls as reminders of what HPC has helped create. As I toured the launch sites and walked the halls […]

4Q predictions by co-author of Big Data for Dummies – FierceBigData


Guest post by Al Nugent, co-author of Big Data for Dummies and a leading independent member of the Adaptive Computing Board of Directors By Al Nugent In the time since I co-wrote Big Data for Dummies (Wiley, 2013), there has been an explosion in the interest around big data, big analytics and big workflow. While the interest, and […]

Moab HPC Suite-Enterprise Edition 8.0 – Scientific Computing


Moab HPC Suite-Enterprise Edition 8.0 (Moab 8.0) is designed to enhance Big Workflow by processing intensive simulations and big data analysis to accelerate insights. It delivers dynamic scheduling, provisioning and management of multi-step/multi-application services across HPC, cloud and big data environments. The software suite bolsters Big Workflow’s core services: unifying data center resources, optimizing the […]

HPC, Cloud & Big Workflow: What’s New in Moab 8.0 – insideHPC


In this video from ISC’14, Trev Harmon from Adaptive Computing presents:HPC, Cloud & Big Workflow: What’s New in Moab 8.0. This latest version of Moab underscores our commitment to innovation in the technical computing sectors,” said Rob Clyde, CEO at Adaptive Computing. “HPC’s powerful engine is at the core of extracting insights from big data, and these updates […]

Adaptive Computing Unveils Moab 8.0 to Enhance Technical Computing Environments and Big Workflow


Adaptive Computing Unveils Moab 8.0 to Enhance Technical Computing Environments and Big Workflow Software Update Improves Workload Management and Optimization of TechnicalComputing Environments Moab HPC Suite-Enterprise Edition 8.0 Features Massive Performance Gains, Energy-Saving Power Management, Advanced Workflow Data Staging, Next Generation Web-based GUI Dashboard and More Adaptive Computing’s solutions enhance Big Workflow for Big Data […]

Diversity Divides the HPC Middleware Market – HPCWire


Nicole Hemsoth There’s nothing simple about defining middleware to begin with, but that process gets far more complex when the goal is to paint a broad picture of trends around such a nebulous set of tools. Despite the enormity of the task, HPC analyst group, Intersect360 Research, tied together a wealth of findings around a […]