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How Big Data Will Influence the Financial Space in 2015 – Bank Systems & Technology

Without faster and better analysis and visualization tools, financial institutions will be unable to comprehend relationships or patterns that exist within the data. This defeats the point of using it at all. Financial institutions are among the largest commercial consumers of high-performance computing (HPC), and for good reason. HPC provides the foundation for valuable analytics […]

Moab Accounting Manager: Better Than Gold

Adaptive Computing has been an industry leader in providing resource usage showback and chargeback capabilities for High Performance Computing — initially with Gold Allocation Manager, and now with Moab Accounting Manager. With experience gained from the needs of HPC customers while pioneering the usage of Gold Allocation Manager, significant improvements were made in Moab Accounting […]

The Five Credentials of Moab

Central to much of what Moab does is the concept of credentials. Credentials play a pivotal role in how many policies are not only defined, but actually carried out by the scheduler. They define how and by whom the system is accessed and used. One could even say they are at the heart of scheduler […]

Best Practices for Allocations

So, you’ve procured a supercomputer—a product of a consortium of stakeholders whose goal is to combine resources to fulfill one or more mission objectives. And you have a constant stream of applicants who would like to use its cycles. The stakeholders have appointed an allocation committee to periodically review applications for time on the computer […]

Tackling Stubborn Big Data: Adaptive Computing Moab 7.5

Yesterday, we announced Big Workflow that accelerates insights that inspire data-driven decisions giving business a distinct competitive advantage. Along with that announcement, we launched Moab 7.5, which adds new features that make the software more robust to tackle stubborn big data and enhance Big Workflow by unifying data center resources, optimizing the data analysis process, […]