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A New Age in Supercomputing: The Manufacturing Compute Co-Op

The National Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Consortium (NDEMC) has been doing some great work pioneering support for small to medium size manufacturing enterprises (SME’s) access to sophisticated simulation and modeling programs. SME’s can hardly afford to build their own supercomputer but these businesses gaining access to computational tools have a large number of benefits. Because computational […]

HPC’s After School Special

Between ISC and HP-CAST (held Friday and Saturday this year), I had several speaking opportunities, wherein I mostly talked about our release of Moab 8.0, and the many new features and improvements it provides to our customers. However, participating as one of the panelists on Disruptive Technologies, I had the opportunity to discuss where I […]

Moab and TORQUE: Divide and Conquer

Just like the area of an ever-increasing rectangle, the challenge of scheduling larger and larger HPC systems becomes, in the worst case, a problem of evaluating an ever-increasing number of jobs against an ever-increasing number of nodes to find the best fit. Partitioning the cluster helps with this problem in some cases, but when you […]

Adaptive Computing and HP Combine Technologies

We’re pleased to announce that Adaptive Computing has combined technologies with HP to deliver greater performance and higher throughput by running Adaptive Computing’s Nitro on HP Apollo Systems. The technology combo of Moab 8.0 and the HP Apollo Systems allows users to achieve even greater power savings due to the new power management capabilities in […]

Enhancing Technical Computing Environments and Big Workflow with Moab 8.0

Today we’re announcing the latest version of our Moab HPC Suite-Enterprise, Moab 8.0. In addition to significant updates for managing and optimizing workloads across technical computing environments, Moab 8.0 also enhances Big Workflow by processing intensive simulations and big data analysis to accelerate insights. Key updates on Moab 8.0 include: Unify Data Center Resources – […]