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Quiz: Do You Really Know Big Data?

As a part of the HPC community, it’s not too surprising that Adaptive Computing has been boning up on our big data. Trends are emerging where we see big data applications and HPC starting to merge, which is one reason Adaptive announced a partnership with Intel Hadoop to integrate Moab and TORQUE with their distribution […]

Don’t Let Zombie Clouds Eat Your Data!

In 2008, I migrated the entire infrastructure of a small startup into Amazon’s EC2 cloud. It was a big job, and I was delighted when I finally sent an email to the sysadmin at the previous colo datacenter, announcing that he could power down our old servers. We were going to save a ton of money. Fast-forward […]

Buying A Seat at the DevOps Table

Cloud-related acquisitions seem to be as plentiful as pollen in the air these days. IBM announced a deal to buy UrbanCode, a company that specializes in the automation of software delivery. Think DevOps and PaaS, and you’ll be in the right territory. On the same day, CA Technologies announced the acquisition of Layer 7 and Nolio. […]

Why IBM is Betting on the Future of Private Cloud

I recently came across an article by a stock analyst who thinks IBM’s stock is headed for disaster. He advises readers—and Warren Buffet, who owns a lot of IBM—to dump their stock, all based on the observation that IBM’s betting on the future of private cloud, and private cloud is a technological dodo bird destined for […]

Save the Date for MoabCon 2013 Europe

If you can’t make it to the U.S. for MoabCon 2013 in Park City, Utah, we’ll bring the best of MoabCon to you before ISC in Leipzig, Germany. Mark your calendars for June 15-16th at the Westin Hotel in Leipzig. On Saturday night, June 15th, we will have an evening reception followed by technical sessions […]

MoabCon 2013 – It’s The Must Attend Show for Moab Users

MoabCon is almost here. I can hardly wait. We had so much fun in Park City last year that we are doing it again on April 8-11. The technical programs are consistently the big draw for MoabCon. This year will be no different as we have great sessions planned. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s […]