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SC14: HPC MATTERS – Scientific-Computing

In November 2014, the international supercomputing conference and exhibition SC14 returns to New Orleans, city of food, music, culture . . .and high-performance computing   3M (#758) makes more than 60,000 products and solutions: from Post-It notes; to respirator masks; to data centre cabling. At Supercomputing 2014, 3M will dive into how the company is […]

Convergence of High-Throughput Computing (HTC) with HPC

While HPC workloads are compute- and data-intensive and can sometimes take several months to complete, High-throughput computing (HTC) jobs have by nature extremely short runtimes, usually in the millisecond range. Nearly all HTC jobs can be classified as “embarrassingly parallel,” which means the workload can be divided up into multiple, autonomous pieces, each of which […]

Univa Grid Engine Does Windows, Linux Containers – EnterpriseTech

Grid Engine, the popular workload management tool for distributed computing environments, now does Windows. And it is also doing Linux control groups, or cgroups, containers, a technology that was championed by Google many years back as the basis for its internal resource control on its massive clusters. The support for Windows was made at the behest […]