Management Team

Marty Smuin


Marty Smuin has more than 20 years of management experience in business development, sales and marketing. Most recently, Marty served as the President of Aircom International, Inc. Under his leadership, Aircom International, Inc. consistently exceeded financial projections and substantially grew revenue year over year. Prior to Aircom, Marty worked as the GM for the Americas at Bytemobile, Inc., which was acquired by Citrix. Previously, Marty held senior executive, sales, business development and marketing positions at Openwave Systems, ACCESS, i-drive, USA, Inc., and QVC. Marty has also worked extensively with start-ups, from concept to raising tens of millions of dollars from angel investors, VC’s and private equity firms.

David B. Jackson

Founder and CTO

David Jackson is an established thought leader in adaptive enterprise data centers, cloud, and HPC environments. Over a period of sixteen years, David worked for several HPC centers, providing resource management and scheduling services to such leadership-class organizations as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, San Diego Supercomputer Center, National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Maui High Performance Computing Center, and the Center for High Performance Computing. He also worked as a consultant at IBM’s AIX System Center. David is a founding member of the Global Grid Forum and a member of the Department of Energy’s Scalable System Software Initiative.

Michael A. Jackson

Co-Founder and Board Member

Michael Jackson is a co-founder of Adaptive Computing and helped to drive the first nine years of profitable growth. Michael drives Adaptive Computing’s strategic planning and cross company coordination, with an added focus on business and partner development. Prior to joining Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Michael was product manager of Internet and security products at Novell Inc.—the current developer of SUSE Linux. He also served as Novell’s channel business development manager. Prior to Novell, Michael was with Dorian International, the second largest import–export management company in the United States.

Wolfgang Dreyer

Wolfgang Dreyer

Head of sales, EMEA

Wolfgang Dreyer has dedicated his career since 1991 to HPC solutions. He was founder and CEO of Quant-X, an EMEA HPC solution provider, which he grew from 3 people to a global organization, delivering several prestigious Supercomputer Projects around the globe. Wolfgang furthered his career at Microsoft launching their HPC solutions to the German market. In addition Wolfgang has held positions in sales and management with a focus on HPC Business for Allinea and IBM were his passion and experience in HPC, grew significant revenue for these companies.

Thomas Isaacson

Legal Counsel

Thomas Isaacson manages Adaptive Computing’s international IP portfolio, protecting the company’s intellectual property through patent and trademark applications. Thomas practices strategic patent prosecution, assertion, and licensing and has extensive experience working with a variety of high-tech global enterprises, including AT&T, PalmSource, and Apple Computer. He has also focused on strategic patent prosecution and licensing of industry standards-based technologies such as MPEG-4 and MPEG-7 and has negotiated and asserted IP rights in Finland, France, Germany, Taiwan, and South Korea.