Why #HPCMatters

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Back in March, I posted the SC14 video introducing this year’s theme: #HPCMatters. Since then several different organizations have posted videos expressing why #HPCmatters to them and should to the rest of us. Today, I’d like to share a few of those videos with you (with their YouTube descriptions).

NCSA: A world without supercomputers, #HPCMatters


Texas Advanced Computing center at The University of Texas at Austin: #HPCmatters

High-performance computing (HPC) is fundamental to science and society, allowing scientists and researchers to push the boundaries of human knowledge and tackle the biggest challenges we face today. HPC matters because these challenges affect each and every one of us, from our health, to our home, to our place in the Universe.

NCSA on why #HPCMatters!

Why does high-performance computing matter? Because science matters! Discovery matters! Human beings are seekers, questers, questioners. And when we get answers, we ask bigger questions. HPC extends our reach, putting more knowledge, more discovery, and more innovation within our grasp. With HPC, the future is ours to create! #HPCMatters!

The truth is #HPCMatters to each one of us. Many of the facets of our daily lives are shaped in one way or another by HPC, whether it’s knowing what to wear for the day’s weather or using a well-designed product. HPC is everywhere, and as SC14 grows closer I’m excited to see how others embody this year’s theme.

See you there! Make sure to come by our booth and tell us your HPC story!

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