TORQUE Resource Manager 4.2.6 Release Notes

November 2013

The release notes file contains the following sections:

New Features

The following is a summary of key new features in TORQUE 4.2.6.

Cray ALPS Basil 1.3 protocol support

Support for Cray ALPS Basil protocol has been added to TORQUE.

Adding features to Cray compute nodes

The ability to add features to Cray compute nodes has been implemented in 4.2.6.


This section contains differences in previously existing features that require a change in configuration or routine.

pbs_mom can handle two naming conventions for cpuset files

pbs_mom can handle cpuset files with either of the following naming conventions: those with the cpuset. prefix and those without it.

qstat improvements

The qstat command has been significantly refactored. Many error codes are different from what they were in the past. You can check the new error codes against pbs_error.db.h for descriptions of their meanings.

trqauthd improvements

trqauthd has been improved in the three following ways:

Resolved Issues

The following is a list of some key bugs fixed in TORQUE 4.2.6. Following each issue description is an associated issue number in parentheses.


Technical Documentation

The online help for TORQUE Resource Manager 4.2.6 is available in HTML and PDF format on the Adaptive Computing Documentation page.

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