Adaptive Computing’s Moab software optimizes High Performance Computing, High Throughput and other computing environments. Moab powers many of the world’s largest computing systems. Moab’s intelligent management saves organizations time and money.

Moab HPC Suite

Moab® HPC Suite is an intelligent workload management solution. It automates the scheduling, managing, monitoring, and reporting of HPC workloads on massive scale, multi-technology installations. The patented Moab intelligence engine uses multi-dimensional policies to accelerate running workloads across the ideal combination of diverse resources. These policies balance high utilization and throughput goals with competing workload priorities and SLA requirements. The speed and accuracy of the automated scheduling decisions optimizes workload throughput and resource utilization. This gets more work accomplished in less time, and in the right priority order. Moab HPC Suite optimizes the value and satisfaction from HPC systems while reducing management cost and complexity.

High Throughput – Nitro

Nitro is a highly efficient task launching software that operates independently of and integrates seamlessly with Moab HPC Suite, Adaptive Computing’s workload and resource orchestration platform, as well as any PBS, LSF or SLURM environments.Nitro is capable of launching 500 tasks per core per second resulting in up to 100 times faster throughput then traditional schedulers, while reducing latency. This results in greater efficiency when executing short-duration, low-resource jobs, which are very common for today’s workloads.

Open Source

TORQUE Resource Manager

TORQUE Resource Manager provides control over batch jobs and distributed computing resources. It is an advanced open-source product based on the original PBS project* and incorporates the best of both community and professional development. It incorporates significant advances in the areas of scalability, reliability, and functionality and is currently in use at tens of thousands of leading government, academic, and commercial sites throughout the world. TORQUE may be freely used, modified, and distributed under the constraints of the included license.


Adaptive Computing offers the following value added features that can be purchased to extend the foundations provided by Moab Lite and Moab HPC Suite. These capabilities facilitate such things as portal-based job submission, accounting, workflow management, grid management, elastic computing, power management, high throughput submission, and remote visualization. Add these powerful modules according to specific needs.