Viewpoint on Slurm

Slurm Job Submission and Management Portal

dashboard-for-webAdaptive Computing, provider of award-winning workload and resource orchestration software, has opened one of its best-of-breed products, Viewpoint, to extend to Slurm. Viewpoint is an easy-to-use job submission and management GUI designed to unify and simplify the submission experience for users and administrators. Viewpoint’s ease-of-use makes it possible to expand an HPC user base to include even non-IT skilled personnel, in addition to increasing the productivity of every worker.

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Submit with Viewpoint, Schedule with Slurm

In this configuration Adaptive Computing runs as a monitor and information service for Slurm. Thus, a Slurm-based cluster can continue to submit and manage with Slurm submission commands, and be scheduled by Slurm, but users get the much easier submission experience provided by Viewpoint.

The following are just some of the features of the portal that help to increase the productivity of end users by speeding and simplifying the submission process:

  • Job Submission – Submit and manage basic jobs through a simple and easy-to-use point-and-click web portal, in addition to the command line interface.
  • Application Templates – Automate best-practices by pre-defining default values, hiding unnecessary options, and adding custom fields in application templates, thereby simplifying the submission process, reducing errors, and optimizing application run time.
  • Script Builder – facilitate correct use of syntax and reduce new-to-HPC user error through a visual script builder. Drag and drop accepted parameters, and directly incorporate application template-defined parameters.
  • Job Details – Gain insight into job status and reasons for failure through explanatory messages, saving administrator time by helping users help themselves.
  • File Manager – Navigate output files right from an internal browser that includes the ability to move, rename, delete, compress, uncompress, and preview files. (2)

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Other Adaptive Computing Products that can run on Slurm:

In addition to Viewpoint, the following offerings have added cross-scheduler support for Slurm (Some professional services may be required):

  • Remote Visualization – 2D/3D visualization solution which allows users to remotely view and interact with applications or entire desktops on a cluster via any common browser.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Big data processing solution that correlates resource and workload information into customizable reports and dashboards.
  • Nitro (High Throughput) – High throughput job launcher able to launch single node jobs up to 100X faster than a traditional scheduler.
  • Accounting – Generalized accounting solution which provides tracking, charging and enforcement for Moab Cloud and TORQUE, or tracking and charging for other resource managers/schedulers with simple script changes

Moab Cloud for the HPC Suite Workload Manager on Slurm

As clusters are scaled up to meet the competing needs of multiple groups, or when cluster resources become complex and heterogeneous, a more advanced workload scheduler may be needed. Moab Cloud for the HPC Suite  is Adaptive Computing’s award-winning workload and resource orchestration platform, which can be run on top of Slurm if desired. In that case, Slurm becomes the resource manager on which Moab Cloud operates. It automates the scheduling, managing, monitoring, and reporting of HPC workloads for increased productivity, performance, and resource utilization. Its patented intelligence engine uses multi-dimensional policies and advanced future modeling to optimize workload start and run times on diverse resources. Moab Cloud  optimizes resource efficiency on heterogeneous clusters, enables effective sharing of cluster resources between multiple groups, and aligns usage to SLA’s that match business objectives. (Learn more about Moab Cloud for the HPC Suite)