What We Do: Policy-Based Optimization

At Adaptive, we’re all about policy-based optimization. In today’s post, I’d like to explain a little about what that is and why IT needs it. Today’s IT organizations have to deliver more with less. Optimizing resource usage provides a way to do that, saving significant time and money.

In most organizations Policy-based Optimization Saves Yousystem optimization is a manual process. Individual IT administrators have to review mountains of data and try and make intelligent optimization decisions. This is costly and error prone. The sheer complexity of modern IT environments guarantees that no human can do this well. In the best case, the human makes a suboptimal decision. In the worst case, the human makes an error that causes a system outage that may cost millions.

Our Moab software is a policy-based optimizer that saves organizations time and money. Humans are great at making policies about what they want to happen, but they are unreliable when it comes to consistently executing those policies. Moab enforces the policies that govern the IT environment, continually optimizing it. This ongoing optimization saves time by eliminating manual errors and reducing IT staff time by 50%. Most importantly, Moab saves money. Our customers are spending 2x to 10x less on IT hardware and 50% less on OpEx. One of our large banking customers has recently documented savings of over 10 million dollars from using our software.

Policy-based optimization is a big part of the future of IT. We’ll talk more about it in the coming weeks.

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