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The Dawn of Parallel Moab

One of the great ironies of the HPC industry is that the scheduling technologies that keep massively parallel supercomputers busy are, themselves, mostly serial. Moab and its competitors have their roots in theoretical work first productized in the 1980s and 1990. At that time, computer science mainly used parallelism for enormous matrix math problems—not for […]

What’s an Early Availability Program?

Early Availability Program (EAP) is Adaptive Computing’s process to get early feedback on new features. This program was designed to add an agile method of validating specific items while the engineers are still in the code. This allows participating customers to help shape the code and verify use cases before a full product release. This […]

In the News: How HPC Relates to Big Data

As the market changes, we’ve seen the trend of big data applications and HPC starting to merge. Not only are we staying on top of this trend, but we’re also adjusting along with it, which is one reason why Adaptive Computing announced a partnership with Intel Hadoop to integrate Moab and TORQUE with their distribution […]

A New Crush: They Call it Puppet Love

Here at Adaptive Computing, we have fallen in love with the devops methodology. Since this week is when many celebrate Valentine’s Day, we want to publicly talk about a tool we have developed a major crush on: Puppet. Whether it boils down to managing internal servers, or writing manifests to replicate customer environments, Puppet is […]

Industry Recap: Looking Back at 2013

2013 came and went bringing with it industry tradeshows, software announcements, and a serious look at how we help solve our customer’s problems. From celebrating our customers’ successes, internal announcements, and receiving prestigious awards, we’ve had a great year! Adaptive Computing CEO, Rob Clyde, celebrated the triumphs of supercomputing and the work of Adaptive Computing […]

The Mighty Development Cluster – Part II: How Do I Get That Goodness In Me?

Part II of the Mighty Development Cluster series focuses on setting up and running the development cluster and making it a reality at your site. If you don’t have the hardware already, your two options are 1) buy new hardware or 2) make part of the current production cluster into a development cluster. Comedy Central […]

SC13: Birds of a Feather Begin

Tuesday morning marked the first full day of SC13 and kicked off with a great keynote from Genevieve Bell on The Secret Life of Data. There were paper and poster presentations, and countless people meandering through the exhibition hall checking out the latest from all the companies, universities and organizations present. In the Adaptive Computing […]

Adaptive Computing Integrates Intel HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop Software to Manage Big Data

We’re proud to announce that we’re integrating our Moab/TORQUE workload management software with the Intel® HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop software, which combines the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop software with the Intel® Enterprise Edition of Lustre software. “The solution allows customers to leverage both their HPC and big data investments in a single platform, […]

Increase Efficiency of Short Computing Jobs with Moab Task Manager

We’re happy to announce Moab Task Manager, a localized decision-making tool within Moab’s HPC Suite that enables high-speed throughput on short computing jobs. “Moab Task Manager is very valuable to customers who want drastically improved throughput on production clusters that have many small, short-lived, similar jobs,” said David Jackson, Adaptive Computing’s CTO and co-founder. “When […]

The Mighty Development Cluster – Part I: The Awesomeness

Through my experience at Adaptive Computing I’ve developed a great respect for the development cluster. I’m going to be doing a series of entries about the development cluster. This part will be about why we should all want a development cluster. Before I start I want to point out that the use of the word […]