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Adaptive Computing: A Year in Review

It has been quite a year at Adaptive Computing! We hosted another successful MoabCon, attended SC14 and learned more on why #HPCMatters, and introduced the Beta release of Moab 8.1. The Moab HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition (Moab 8.1) boosts elastic computing, and provides updates to the next-gen admin portal: Viewpoint. We’re continuing to help customers […]

Takeaways from SC14

Now that SC14 is “in the books” I would like to share some of my takeaways from a very successful conference. First of all, the conference is a great opportunity to visit with our customers and talk about their current needs and learn what we can do to help them with their plans for the […]

Returns From Lincoln Ascent

Some of the numbers have started to come in from work done for Lincoln Ascent and things are looking promising to this point. The parts that are rounding up right now focus on speeding up Moab’s scheduling iteration and reducing the network overhead between TORQUE and Moab. One of the excesses in network communication between […]

Reflecting on the SC14 TORQUE BoF

The first time I ever visited New Orleans was at Supercomputing 2010. There were many good things about that visit but the cab drivers left such a bad taste in my mouth I have to admit I let it overshadow most of the good memories. For Supercomputing 2014 I prepared myself for those New Orleans […]

What Doesn’t Need to be Said When Moving Forward

Looming over the skiing village of Kleine Scheidegg on the northern edge of the Swiss Alps is an iconic mountain of brittle limestone covered with snow and ice and blasted by the wind of oft-occurring ferocious storms. The Eiger is a legendary climbing destination that has seen triumph and tragedy, heroism and heartbreak, daring feats […]

Learn Why #MoabMatters at SC14

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Adaptive Computing at SC14

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Adaptive Computing at SC14 There’s only a few days left until the Adaptive Computing team will be in New Orleans exploring why Moab matters and #HPCMatters with SC14 attendees… we can’t wait! Join us in booth #1539 as the Adaptive Computing team works to accelerate […]

Part 1 – An Automated Web We Weave: QA Automation and Moab at Adaptive Computing

“Things would be so much simpler if we had more automation.” I know no one has ever heard…or said that. It seems obvious. If computers are running all your tests for you, there is less work for people to do, right? Quality Assurance can do their work from the beach, and you only need one […]

TORQUE Protocol 4: Inter-Server Communication

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series TORQUE Protocols

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series TORQUE ProtocolsThe TORQUE inter-server or IS protocol is for inter-server communication. “What do you mean by inter-server?” you might say. “Isn’t there only one server in the TORQUE cluster?” Like so many other things in the computer art the term server can have an ambiguous […]

TORQUE BoF 2014: Past, Present and Future

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series #HPCMatters

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series #HPCMattersSupercomputing 2014 is almost here. And for the fifth time in the last six years that means it is also time for the Supercomputing TORQUE Birds of a Feather. Aside from the stress of preparing for the meeting I really love this event. My first […]

Visualizing TORQUE

For many months now, I’ve noticed that TORQUE users needed help graphically visualizing what was happening inside a TORQUE system.  A GUI tool was needed to visually monitor the health of an entire cluster at a glance and have the ability to quickly move to any trouble spots and drill in to find more information. […]