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A Farewell to Kraken

Guest Post: Troy Baer is a Senior HPC System Administrator at the National Institute for Computational Sciences, University of Tennessee. At MoabCon 2014, Troy was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award for his contributions in scheduling and resource management using Moab. Noon on April 30, 2014 marked the end of an era. After over five years of faithful […]

SC13: HPC Evolving

As I mentioned last week, this afternoon I was able to speak to a wonderful audience at the SC13 Exhibitor Forum. This particular track at the conference is rather interesting, as it really is put on as an opportunity for vendors to pretty much brag about what they are doing. There’s the perfunctory nod to […]

Engineering 101: How To Get Started in this Profession

Getting started can be the hardest part of any major project. Most of the time, if you think about the depth and breadth of a major project, it seems so big that you’ll never get done. At the very least, the end date won’t change much if you wait until tomorrow, so why start now? Eventually, […]

Four Not-So-Secret Ingredients of Moab

Today I was reviewing the Moab documentation for an upcoming training and I ran across several feature gems that I thought were worth calling out. I’ll call them some of the “not-so-secret ingredients” that makes Moab great. Scheduling with Partitions Moab uses partitions to logical divide available resources in your environment. This allows you to […]

Tools of the Trade

Walk into any hardware store and ask to buy a hammer. You’ll be taken to a wall filled with hammers of every size, shape and weight. Some will have waffle heads, others are rounded. Some will have a claw, while others appear to have a hatchet sticking out the back. They will be made of […]

Adaptive Computing Speaking at SEG Annual Meeting

SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) is hosting their international exposition and 83rd annual meeting on September 22-27 in Houston, TX. This event is the world’s largest oil, energy and mineral exposition showcasing cutting-edge technology for use in exploration and associated industries. Adaptive Computing representatives will be in attendance speaking on HPC workload management software. We’ll […]

Name That Supercomputer

If you’ve read our blog before, you’ll know that I like quizzes and lists. I present here another quiz for all of you HPC hardware nerds out there. Stay tuned for the cash and prizes – it’s an on your honor system, so if you approach me at Supercomputing 2013 in Denver, I suppose I’ll […]

Bringing HPC Sexy Back

Since Seymour Cray, considered the father of supercomputing, invented the first supercomputer (the CDC 6600) in 1964, HPC has been growing exponentially—in speed. But, the fact remains, that high performance computing as an industry is decades old. In comparison to young, sexy technologies like mobile development and cloud computing, HPC is a dinosaur. The YouTube video […]

Titan — One of the World's Fastest Supercomputers — Comes Online

NPR had a great report the other day about Titan, a new Cray supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Titan is exactly the sort of supercomputer that constitutes Adaptive Computing’s bread and butter in the HPC market. These are computers with hundreds of thousands of processors. They consume enough electricity to power a small city, […]