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Returns From Lincoln Ascent

Some of the numbers have started to come in from work done for Lincoln Ascent and things are looking promising to this point. The parts that are rounding up right now focus on speeding up Moab’s scheduling iteration and reducing the network overhead between TORQUE and Moab. One of the excesses in network communication between […]

Kilby’s Net Effect on TORQUE

Overall, the Kilby release of TORQUE (TORQUE 5.0) should provide a faster, more stable TORQUE with some important new features. TORQUE should be more stable as we’ve expanded the breadth and depth of tests; it is significantly faster as a result of the work done for the Ascent Initiative; finally, several new features have been […]

The Ascent Initiative: Increasing Throughput and Scalability

The ascent initiative is designed to make TORQUE and Moab increase in throughput and scalability across the board. Our goal is that we’ll increase both by 2-3 times across the board in the coming release; we expect to meet this goal, and we expect that for certain use cases we will be able to speed […]

Reconfigure Your Expectations About Cloud Config

When vendors pitch software, they spend a lot of time demoing and discussing what the software can do, and usually no time exploring how the software gets into a usable state in the first place. The assumption that they hope their prospective customers make is that installation and configuration are straightforward and uninteresting. In fact, […]