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Creating a Better Infrastructure to Manage Big Data

At Supercomputing 2013, Adaptive Computing Principle Solutions Strategist, Trev Harmon, discussed where the HPC industry is going and where it has come from. “While traditional HPC is at the core of supercomputing, recent advancements are allowing HPC centers to offer new and exciting compute services to their users and other customers,” said Trev Harmon. Adaptive […]

SC13 Panel: Programming and Managing Systems at Scale

I had the distinct honor of moderating a great panel at Supercomputing 2013 called Programming and Managing Systems at Scale. I was a little nervous, being that I was by far the most junior person present, and the intellectual prowess of our panel was paramount—even for anyone attending Supercomputing. The panel was full of heavy hitters […]

Adaptive Computing’s Top Tweets from SC13

Whether you were on the showroom floor in Denver or living vicariously through conference goers via the hashtag #SC13 on Twitter, Supercomputing 2013 was an experience! Take a quick look at some of our top tweets from SC13: #SC13: we discuss what is wrong, what problems need to be solved and how groups are attempting […]

My First Software-Defined Supercompute Cluster

This week at Supercomputing 13, I created a demo of some cool new technology I’m working on, which should drastically improve throughput and scale for customers that have many short-lived jobs. (More on this in the near future.) In order to demo effectively, I needed an HPC cluster—but shipping one to the exhibit hall in […]

SC13: HPC Evolving

As I mentioned last week, this afternoon I was able to speak to a wonderful audience at the SC13 Exhibitor Forum. This particular track at the conference is rather interesting, as it really is put on as an opportunity for vendors to pretty much brag about what they are doing. There’s the perfunctory nod to […]

SC13: Birds of a Feather Begin

Tuesday morning marked the first full day of SC13 and kicked off with a great keynote from Genevieve Bell on The Secret Life of Data. There were paper and poster presentations, and countless people meandering through the exhibition hall checking out the latest from all the companies, universities and organizations present. In the Adaptive Computing […]

SC13 Beowulf Bash: From the Bandstand

We were fortunate enough to have another great year to experience the Beowulf Bash, this time at SC’13 in Denver. It was located at the Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver’s LoDo District, which was a fantastic venue. Definitely different than SC’12’s venue, the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, but it definitely played well into […]

Increase Efficiency of Short Computing Jobs with Moab Task Manager

We’re happy to announce Moab Task Manager, a localized decision-making tool within Moab’s HPC Suite that enables high-speed throughput on short computing jobs. “Moab Task Manager is very valuable to customers who want drastically improved throughput on production clusters that have many small, short-lived, similar jobs,” said David Jackson, Adaptive Computing’s CTO and co-founder. “When […]

The All Spark Cube Goes to Supercomputing 2013

Once a year in November, the denizens of supercomputing descend on an unsuspecting city for a week-long celebration of all things HPC. This nerd heaven is known simply as SC. Normally, I make this yearly pilgrimage via the wonder of flight. However, this year Paul Anderson and I volunteered to drive a cargo van from […]

Moab: More than Just Superior Utilization

The desire to reduce that which is complex into smaller, simpler, more manageable concepts, is human nature. This is especially true when working in Technical Computing. We compare data centers in terms of PUE, quantify clusters in terms of core count or top500 ranking and categorize networks in terms of topology or bisectional bandwidth. In […]