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Part 1 – An Automated Web We Weave: QA Automation and Moab at Adaptive Computing

“Things would be so much simpler if we had more automation.” I know no one has ever heard…or said that. It seems obvious. If computers are running all your tests for you, there is less work for people to do, right? Quality Assurance can do their work from the beach, and you only need one […]

A Culture of Healthy Peer Review

The editors of Nature, the “international weekly journal of science,” receive 10,000 submitted papers per year, but 60% are rejected without being reviewed. The surviving 40% of submissions run a gauntlet of peer review in which two or more anonymous referees are chosen to read and comment confidentially on the proposed paper. The editors consider […]

“I like to break things” and Other Reasons for a Career in QA

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them that I work in Software QA.   Unless they also work in software or IT, they usually give me an odd look, as though I told them I make porcupine hats. My response to that look or the follow-up question is “I break […]

Leveraging OpenStack and Empowering Developers

One of the battle proven tools the development team utilizes here at Adaptive Computing is named Builder. At MoabCon 2014  the team detailed the use case and reasons behind why Adaptive Computing created Builder. One of the core business problems that impeded development velocity at Adaptive was the mean time to install and configure our […]

Early Cycle TestFest

Adaptive Computing’s TestFest and InstallFest are an integral part of our development cycle here at Adaptive. Our TestFest’s are where we allow the entire company or a subset of the company to pound our product looking for bugs and any other issue they can find. We want as many eyes from as many different perspectives […]

Quality and Big Workflow

Adaptive Computing has a formula: Workflow management + Big Data = Big Workflow. At the root of this Big Workflow formula is a lot of intelligently written code as well as a foundation for creating quality. The importance of quality can be recognized throughout history in many ways, from architecture, space exploration, food, and even that […]

Test Plan Template Game

When it comes to complex systems it’s extremely useful to simplify as much as possible. One way is to leverage templates. Today I’ll talk about test plan templates specifically. In my Quality Assurance career of almost two decades I’ve experienced a range of test plans, which have gone from nothing, to useless novels. I’ve seen […]

Adaptive Computing’s TestFest and InstallFest

We just completed another TestFest at Adaptive and added the InstallFest component this release. TestFest is a company-wide effort created and supported by the Quality Assurance team, aimed at improving product quality. We set up an environment and all Adaptive employees are invited to hammer on the system. We create awards and have a good […]