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Reading List: HPC Cloud, XaaS, and Zombie Clouds

Adaptive Computing specializes in intelligent cloud management with our product, Moab Cloud Suite. Moab Cloud Suite enables organizations to create agile, automated, and adaptive private clouds or hybrid clouds from their diverse IT infrastructure. Not only do our specialists help to improve Adaptive Computing’s cloud software, but also they stay well versed in news and […]

Industry Recap: Looking Back at 2013

2013 came and went bringing with it industry tradeshows, software announcements, and a serious look at how we help solve our customer’s problems. From celebrating our customers’ successes, internal announcements, and receiving prestigious awards, we’ve had a great year! Adaptive Computing CEO, Rob Clyde, celebrated the triumphs of supercomputing and the work of Adaptive Computing […]

Benefits of Utilizing HPC in an Enterprise Data Center

I recently attended the 2013 Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas. As the enterprise has started to get a handle on gathering and storing their data, they are now grappling with what to do with it. Many sessions talked about whether to go with a traditional data center or to consolidate legacy systems into a […]

Four Not-So-Secret Ingredients of Moab

Today I was reviewing the Moab documentation for an upcoming training and I ran across several feature gems that I thought were worth calling out. I’ll call them some of the “not-so-secret ingredients” that makes Moab great. Scheduling with Partitions Moab uses partitions to logical divide available resources in your environment. This allows you to […]

Adaptive Computing Awarded Five Green Cloud Computing Patents

Yesterday we announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded us five patents related to technologies that make cloud computing more energy efficient. These additional patents bring our total number of patents to 31 bolstering our private cloud portfolio as one of the richest in existence. The new patents apply to our Moab […]

Power Down Your Data Center with Moab

Everyone wants to have a more powerful data center, figuratively speaking. But hey, who wants to turn on all the lights just to see how much faster you can make the utility meter spin? What we really want is the most *effective* utilization in all three of these areas to get our computing working done […]

How Moab Cloud Optimizer Extends HP Cloud Service Automation

Last month we announced our Moab Cloud Optimizer integration for HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) version 3.2. Moab’s out-of-the-box policies seamlessly extend HP CSA cloud solutions. Through policy-based optimization, Moab Cloud Optimizer can maximize cloud value with a range of cloud policies that can be visually set and monitored to continuously optimize service placement, service […]

HPC and Private Cloud Demonstrations and Webinars

Unless you’re a customer, it’s not every day that you can get your hands on a full demonstration of Adaptive Computing’s HPC and private cloud software. Oftentimes, we demo our software at trade shows, just like we had a demonstration of our Moab OpenStack-based solution at VMworld this year. However, we’re working to bring our […]

Converging Worlds: HPC, Big Data, and Cloud

As High Performance Computing becomes more and more mainstream, it is also changing. The HPC world of the near future will include aspects of cloud computing and big data. HPC in Mainstream Business Analytics calculations over large datasets have become very common in modern businesses. Marketing teams want to understand which campaigns perform the best. […]

How Moab Cloud Suite Optimizes Your Private Cloud

The Moab Cloud Suite continuously optimizes your private cloud so users can set up their own IT services in minutes. While eliminating the risks of application issues, failures, and costly management headaches, Moab Cloud Suite’s Service Catalog portal presents available services in a quick search format so users can easily find the service they need. […]