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A New UI in Town: Moab Viewpoint

There’s a new UI in town. Adaptive Computing’s Moab 8.1 release is nearly here, and with it comes a brand new user interface. This release contains the first drop of the new Admin Portal. We’ve been hard at work on this, and I’m pretty excited about it. For starters, we’ve changed our approach to storing […]

Industry Recap: Looking Back at 2013

2013 came and went bringing with it industry tradeshows, software announcements, and a serious look at how we help solve our customer’s problems. From celebrating our customers’ successes, internal announcements, and receiving prestigious awards, we’ve had a great year! Adaptive Computing CEO, Rob Clyde, celebrated the triumphs of supercomputing and the work of Adaptive Computing […]

Moab: More than Just Superior Utilization

The desire to reduce that which is complex into smaller, simpler, more manageable concepts, is human nature. This is especially true when working in Technical Computing. We compare data centers in terms of PUE, quantify clusters in terms of core count or top500 ranking and categorize networks in terms of topology or bisectional bandwidth. In […]

Four Not-So-Secret Ingredients of Moab

Today I was reviewing the Moab documentation for an upcoming training and I ran across several feature gems that I thought were worth calling out. I’ll call them some of the “not-so-secret ingredients” that makes Moab great. Scheduling with Partitions Moab uses partitions to logical divide available resources in your environment. This allows you to […]

Power Down Your Data Center with Moab

Everyone wants to have a more powerful data center, figuratively speaking. But hey, who wants to turn on all the lights just to see how much faster you can make the utility meter spin? What we really want is the most *effective* utilization in all three of these areas to get our computing working done […]

How Moab Cloud Optimizer Extends HP Cloud Service Automation

Last month we announced our Moab Cloud Optimizer integration for HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) version 3.2. Moab’s out-of-the-box policies seamlessly extend HP CSA cloud solutions. Through policy-based optimization, Moab Cloud Optimizer can maximize cloud value with a range of cloud policies that can be visually set and monitored to continuously optimize service placement, service […]

Tools of the Trade

Walk into any hardware store and ask to buy a hammer. You’ll be taken to a wall filled with hammers of every size, shape and weight. Some will have waffle heads, others are rounded. Some will have a claw, while others appear to have a hatchet sticking out the back. They will be made of […]

HPC and Private Cloud Demonstrations and Webinars

Unless you’re a customer, it’s not every day that you can get your hands on a full demonstration of Adaptive Computing’s HPC and private cloud software. Oftentimes, we demo our software at trade shows, just like we had a demonstration of our Moab OpenStack-based solution at VMworld this year. However, we’re working to bring our […]

Adaptive Computing Announces: Moab Cloud Optimizer Integration for HP Cloud Service Automation 3.2

We’re happy to announce our Moab Cloud Optimizer integration for HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) version 3.2. Moab Cloud Optimizer’s out-of-the-box policies help IT organizations derive higher ROI from HP Cloud Service Automation private cloud environments. Maximize cloud value with Moab Cloud Optimizer’s range of cloud policies that can be visually set and monitored to […]

Why is Stephen Hawking Using Adaptive Computing Software?

In a recent interview on Bloomberg TV, Adaptive Computing CEO, Rob Clyde, discussed the triumphs of supercomputing with Carol Massar on “Taking Stock.” Adaptive Computing’s mission is to empower scientists, researchers, and business professionals to change the world. We strongly believe that large-scale computers hold the power to find amazing insights in science and business. […]