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Quiz: Do You Really Know Big Data?

As a part of the HPC community, it’s not too surprising that Adaptive Computing has been boning up on our big data. Trends are emerging where we see big data applications and HPC starting to merge, which is one reason Adaptive announced a partnership with Intel Hadoop to integrate Moab and TORQUE with their distribution […]

Adaptive Computing Integrates Intel HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop Software to Manage Big Data

We’re proud to announce that we’re integrating our Moab/TORQUE workload management software with the Intel® HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop software, which combines the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop software with the Intel® Enterprise Edition of Lustre software. “The solution allows customers to leverage both their HPC and big data investments in a single platform, […]

The Wrong Arguments In The Open Source Debate

As soon as I hear any conversation about proprietary vs. open source platforms, I heave a heavy sigh. All too often, technologists get wrapped around the wrong axle of this debate. The most obvious (yet deceptive) point to make in the debate is in regards to licensing cost. Open source is free. Proprietary is not. […]

Me, the Top500 HPC Compute Node

This month I embarked on a bit of an experiment by attempting to answer the question, “Can I successfully complete a nearly three-week, international, technical business trip without a laptop?” So, off I went, iPad in hand. No keyboard. No mouse. No safety net. It all comes down to the fact the computer age is evolving […]