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Peeking Under the Hood of MTM

UPDATE: Adaptive Computing’s Moab Task Manager (MTM) is now referred to as Nitro. You can learn more about Nitro by reading this whitepaper, “High-Throughput Computing for HPC.” Adaptive Computing’s new ultra-fast task launcher, Moab Task Manager, is an exciting option for customers who have many short-lived tasks and want to shift the burden of running […]

MoabCon 2014: You Should Have Been There

Hopefully, you were one of the many people who attended MoabCon this year in beautiful Park City, Utah. If you weren’t, there’s really only one thing I can say, You really missed out. Really, you did. It was a wonderful few days filled with inspiring stories, new innovations, exciting futures, good friends and, of course, […]

What’s an Early Availability Program?

Early Availability Program (EAP) is Adaptive Computing’s process to get early feedback on new features. This program was designed to add an agile method of validating specific items while the engineers are still in the code. This allows participating customers to help shape the code and verify use cases before a full product release. This […]

Put Some Nitro In Your HPC Engine — Announcing MTM “Early Availability” Preview

All of us need to get more work done, faster. This is certainly true in traditional HPC, and it’s also imperative in map/reduce clusters, render clusters, and clouds. The dawn of exascale computing and the juggernaut of Big Data both demand that we get comfortable with millions of jobs in a queue, and thousands of […]

Industry Recap: Looking Back at 2013

2013 came and went bringing with it industry tradeshows, software announcements, and a serious look at how we help solve our customer’s problems. From celebrating our customers’ successes, internal announcements, and receiving prestigious awards, we’ve had a great year! Adaptive Computing CEO, Rob Clyde, celebrated the triumphs of supercomputing and the work of Adaptive Computing […]

Moab Task Manager Demo Recap: Solution to Running Massive Amounts of Small Jobs Quickly

The most popular demo at the Adaptive Computing booth during Supercomputing 2013 demonstrated the new Moab Task Manager (MTM). MTM is the solution to running massive amounts of short jobs very quickly. By itself, the Moab scheduler is very good at choosing the best place to run jobs. However, it can take some time to […]

It’s “Flexascale,” not just “Exascale”

If that title raises your eyebrows, have no fear—I believe the HPC industry is right to pursue extreme scale. Some computational problems will remain stubbornly intractable until we have tomorrow’s horsepower at our disposal. However, as an outsider who recently jumped into the HPC space, I’ve come to the conclusion that as an industry, we […]

Fireside Chat with Rob Clyde, CEO of Adaptive Computing

I recently sat down with Rob Clyde, CEO of Adaptive Computing, to get his insight into the company and where the industry is headed with big data challenges for its customers. Take a look at the dialogue below:  Q: What are the challenges your customers face today? A: Today’s enterprise needs to rely on collected […]

My First Software-Defined Supercompute Cluster

This week at Supercomputing 13, I created a demo of some cool new technology I’m working on, which should drastically improve throughput and scale for customers that have many short-lived jobs. (More on this in the near future.) In order to demo effectively, I needed an HPC cluster—but shipping one to the exhibit hall in […]

Increase Efficiency of Short Computing Jobs with Moab Task Manager

We’re happy to announce Moab Task Manager, a localized decision-making tool within Moab’s HPC Suite that enables high-speed throughput on short computing jobs. “Moab Task Manager is very valuable to customers who want drastically improved throughput on production clusters that have many small, short-lived, similar jobs,” said David Jackson, Adaptive Computing’s CTO and co-founder. “When […]