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Reading List: Exascale, Short Computing Jobs, and Bringing HPC Sexy Back

Adaptive Computing specializes in workload management with our product, Moab HPC Suite. The Moab HPC Suite products accelerate results delivery and maximize utilization while simplifying workload management across complex, heterogeneous cluster environments or even HPC cloud environments. Our specialists are continually improving Adaptive Computing’s HPC software and offering insights and feedback regarding the updates, such […]

Put Some Nitro In Your HPC Engine — Announcing MTM “Early Availability” Preview

All of us need to get more work done, faster. This is certainly true in traditional HPC, and it’s also imperative in map/reduce clusters, render clusters, and clouds. The dawn of exascale computing and the juggernaut of Big Data both demand that we get comfortable with millions of jobs in a queue, and thousands of […]