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What Doesn’t Need to be Said When Moving Forward

Looming over the skiing village of Kleine Scheidegg on the northern edge of the Swiss Alps is an iconic mountain of brittle limestone covered with snow and ice and blasted by the wind of oft-occurring ferocious storms. The Eiger is a legendary climbing destination that has seen triumph and tragedy, heroism and heartbreak, daring feats […]

Game Changer for HPC Scale and Performance

The exascale wave in today’s HPC market is creating an inflection point, where familiar solutions are simply inadequate. Modern supercomputers have so many internal network interconnects and coordinate so many calculations at such a rate that traditional scheduling cannot keep up. Jobs sit idle when they should be running; policy constraints are lost in the […]

Lincoln Ascent: Communicating Between Moab and TORQUE

One of the major development projects for TORQUE 5.0 and Moab 8.0 was the Ascent project. We were extremely pleased with the progress made during this effort, so we’re continuing the effort into the next release (codename: Lincoln), and I’d like to take this chance to introduce it. The purpose of Ascent is to rapidly […]

Kilby’s Net Effect on TORQUE

Overall, the Kilby release of TORQUE (TORQUE 5.0) should provide a faster, more stable TORQUE with some important new features. TORQUE should be more stable as we’ve expanded the breadth and depth of tests; it is significantly faster as a result of the work done for the Ascent Initiative; finally, several new features have been […]

Tuning The Engine: Moab Speed Improvements

Did you ever ride one of those single-piston two-stroke motorcycles? We used to call ours “Thumper” —it had a lot of torque and did a great job getting you up a hill, but wasn’t necessarily the fastest from zero to 60MPH and wasn’t very pleasant on the highway. Modern sport motorcycles have four or six […]

An Update on Ascent for TORQUE

Since my last blog post on the Ascent Initiative there have been a lot of new improvements and we have a lot more data. The following chart provides data on two improvements previously mentioned but unquantified as of my previous post. This relates to having the jobs report mom status instead of the server polling […]

The Ascent Initiative: Increasing Throughput and Scalability

The ascent initiative is designed to make TORQUE and Moab increase in throughput and scalability across the board. Our goal is that we’ll increase both by 2-3 times across the board in the coming release; we expect to meet this goal, and we expect that for certain use cases we will be able to speed […]