Standard Support

Technical Support Services Descriptions

Product Support is provided by Technical Support Technicians in response to requests submitted through the on-line ticket tracking system or by telephone.

Adaptive Computing will provide support to Customer for the current version of a product, and for the previous Minor version of the current release and the latest Minor version of the previous release.

For example*:
Moab’s current version was 7.2.2
The previous minor version would be 7.2.1
The latest minor version of the previous release might be 6.1.7
Moab version 6.0.x support would have terminated.

*Note that versions above are an example. The actual current versions are available in the downloads center.

Therefore, Adaptive Computing will provide support to Customer for both the current and previous versions of the Adaptive Computing products in accordance with this commitment.

This agreement includes the following products in their commercially released form:

·       Moab Cloud Suite

·       Moab Viewpoint

·       Moab HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition and Basic Edition

·       Moab Accounting Manager

·       Moab Cluster Manager

·       Moab Workload Manager

·       Moab Web Services

·       TORQUE Resource Manager