Customer Support

Customer Support

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If you currently have a support services contract with Adaptive Computing and encounter a problem that you can’t resolve, please log in and submit an online support ticket, and a technical support specialist will contact you.

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Every support organization hopes to be proactive in delivering technical solutions before a customer calls for advice. At Adaptive Computing, we have been gathering, documenting, and researching topics that we feel are most widely applicable and have put them into online self-help tools to help you resolve the most common issues on your own.

Follow this link to the documentation: Adaptive Computing Documentation Index


Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Customers with more pressing support needs can choose to receive help from a Technical Account Manager (TAM). TAM’s are available 24 x 7 for critical issues. They become so familiar with your environment, policies, personnel, and organizational objectives that they feel like an extension of your own team. In addition to access for critical issues, your TAM will conduct quarterly account reviews. Optionally, you can give direct system access to TAM’s so that they can diagnose and solve problems even faster.