Maui is no longer actively developed or supported by Adaptive Computing.

  1. Scalability for the growing needs of your cluster and organization.
  2. SLA – Optimizing Workload Management with a richer set of flexible policies that self-optimize workloads for higher ROI and service levels.
  3. Professional support to keep your cluster up and running at peak performance.
  4. Intelligent management and automation to reduce management complexity and burden while improving system efficiency with multiple heterogeneous resource manager integration.
  5. Uptime automation to maximize system reliability and productivity.
  6. Rich administrator dashboard tools for more efficient management and ROI reporting.
  7. Simplified HPC job submission and management for users to increase productivity and decrease the training and support burden on administrators.
  8. Ongoing HPC workload management enhancements and development to enable organizations to adopt new HPC technologies and capabilities to maximize system productivity.
  9. Grid and multi-cluster workload management capabilities to maximize utilization and throughput while consolidating and reducing the administration burden.
  10. Enforce usage accounting budgets or provide pay-for use to ensure SLAs are met, influence usage behavior, and recapture usage costs to reinvest in capacity to keep up with growth.
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