Moab Lite

Moab HPC Suite Lite – Easy-to-Use Foundational Base

Moab HPC Suite Lite is a free, easy-to-use foundational base of a rich enterprise-ready workload management suite that is only available with the purchase of new clusters from participating preferred partners.  Support is optional on small systems (below 32 sockets), but is required on larger systems.  It provides the ease-of-use job submission experience users need to drive high productivity and the basic user and queue management that an administrator needs to manage the workload of many users in a single group.   In addition to providing support, Adaptive Computing offers value added capabilities that extend this basic foundation. They can be harnessed to facilitate multi-group sharing, accounting, advanced resource management, power management, workflow management, grid management, and elastic computing.

Moab HPC Suite Lite Includes:

  • Job Submission Portal

    Submit, list, cancel, delete and manage basic jobs through a simpler and easier to use point-and-click web portal, including explanatory job status messages, and an internal file manager with preview functionality

  • Application Template Builder

    Use a basic submission form or create application-specific templates that pre-specify both standard and custom fields to simplify end user submission experience allow admins to automate best practices

  • Script Builder

    Use your own existing scripts, or build scripts with a visual script builder that helps expose optional fields, assists in correct syntax, and reduces new-to-HPC user error

  • Job Details

    Displays explanatory messages for job statuses and offers per-task level tracking of jobs that helps to improve resource usage moving forward

  • File Manager

    Quickly validate and navigate output files with an internal, browser-based preview functionality

  • User and Queue Management

    Set usage policies for users and queues to ensure that resources are applied in a way that meets your group’s objectives

  • Basic Resource and Usage Policies

    • Apply application /workload to resource mapping policies that help ensure workloads are run on the resources that will drive the highest performance and utilization based on memory, processors, accelerators, and other resource attributes
    • Set basic usage policies such as user and queue-based workload prioritization, node allocation policies, and other policies which help drive higher utilization and manage usage behaviors
    • Other Features Include:
      • High Availability
      • Backfill
      • Partitions
      • Job Dependencies
      • Job Arrays
      • GPU/Accelerator Support