HPC Cloud Overview

Delivering and Managing HPC Cloud with Moab®

HPC Cloud ROI and Opportunities

Today’s rapidly advancing cloud-technology presents significant opportunities for high-performance computing (HPC) or technical computing data centers to maximize ROI. HPC system managers can leverage the benefits of the cloud model for their traditional HPC environments for the best of both worlds. Incorporating or transitioning HPC Cloud into your HPC system enables you to better meet workload demand, increase system utilization, and make your high performance computing system accessible to a wider community. Extended ROI and opportunities with HPC Cloud include:

  • Scale to better support application and job needs with automated workload-optimized node OS provisioning
  • Provide simplified self-service access for broader set of users that also reduces management and training costs
  • Accelerate collaboration or funding by extending HPC resources to community partners without their own HPC systems
  • Enable pay-for-use with showback and chargeback reporting for actual resource usage by user, group, project, or account
  • Enable higher cloud-based efficiency without the cost and disruption of ripping and replacing existing


Get Cloud-Ready with Moab HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition

Moab® HPC Suite –  Enterprise Edition provides a proven, cost-effective solution to manage and optimize high performance computing workloads in large scale HPC or HPC Cloud environments.  It provides cloud-ready capabilities and management at no extra cost while managing and optimizing your regular HPC system. This allows you to incorporate or transition to HPC Cloud at your pace, with no rip and replace.  You can integrate cloud capabilities into your HPC system in just a few weeks including:

  • Self-service portal. The Moab Viewpoint portal enables simplified job submission and management access for users or admins from any location– inside or outside the organization.
  • Workload-optimized node OS provisioning.  Reduce job wait times and increase utilization by dynamically re-purposing resources with the multiple OSes needed to meet the prioritized workload in real-time.  Siloed, idle resources become productive as Moab auto provisions them, scaling the resources that meet demand using stateful or stateless provisioning processes.
  • Pay-for-use showback or chargeback accounting. Leverage a key benefit of the cloud model with the automated showback or chargeback Moab provides for resource usage and even reservations.  This enables pay-for-use, better planning, and funding for future capacity. Usage budgeting and accounting can be tracked by user, groups, and project.
  • Leverage existing HPC infrastructure. Moab easily integrates with the existing resource managers for your heterogeneous physical resources to optimize workload scheduling, resource management and service-level enforcement.
  • Policy-driven. Moab eliminates the need for systems administrators to manually manage HPC systems. It provides multi-dimensional policy controls for throughput optimization, utilization maximization, prioritization or SLA balancing, usage limits, fairshare, node access, and backfill.
  • Multi-group access controls. Moab can securely and efficiently control access and usage of resources across multiple users/accounts or can allocate resources to specific users or groups (or provide a combination of the two approaches).

HPC_CloudIncorporating or transitioning HPC Cloud into your HPC system enables you to better meet workload demand, increase system utilization, and make your HPC resources accessible to a wider community.

A Proven HPC Cloud Solution

The Moab HPC Cloud solution from Adaptive Computing has a proven record with organizations that have implemented the Moab solution in critical HPC Cloud environments, including:

If your organization wants to incorporate the benefits of the cloud model for your traditional HPC environment, we invite you to learn more about the solution that includes Moab HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition and the popular open source xCAT provisioning manager or other provisioning managers such as HP Cluster Management Utility.

If your organization is already using Moab HPC Suite – Basic Edition, implementing a Moab-based HPC Cloud starts with a simple upgrade to Moab HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition, which will continue to work with your existing resource managers.