Moab HPC Suite Basic Edition

Intelligent Workload Management to Optimize HPC System Value

Moab is the “brain” of an HPC system, intelligently optimizing workload throughput while balancing service levels and priorities

Moab® HPC Suite – Basic Edition is an intelligent workload management solution.  It automates the scheduling, managing, monitoring, and reporting of HPC workloads on massive scale, multi-technology installations. The patented Moab intelligence engine uses multi-dimensional policies to accelerate running workloads across the ideal combination of diverse resources. These policies balance high utilization and throughput goals with competing workload priorities and SLA requirements. The speed and accuracy of the automated scheduling decisions optimizes workload throughput and resource utilization.  This gets more work accomplished in less time, and in the right priority order. Moab HPC Suite – Basic Edition optimizes the value and satisfaction from high performance computing (HPC) systems while reducing management cost and complexity.

Drive Higher ROI from Your HPC System

Moab HPC Suite – Basic Edition provides intelligent workload management that accelerates productivity, automates uptime and ensures SLA’s and priorities are met. It quickly delivers powerful benefits that drive more ROI and results from your high performance computing system including:

  • Higher job throughput
  • Massive scalability for faster response and extensibility
  • Optimum utilization of 90-99% on a consistent basis
  • Fast, simple job submission and
    management to increase productivity
  • Reduced cluster management and support costs, as well as complexity, across heterogeneous systems
  • Reduced job failures and auto-recovery from failures
  • SLAs consistently met for improved user and organization satisfaction

Productivity Acceleration

Moab HPC Suite – Basic Edition accelerates overall system, user and administrator productivity. Moab provides the scalability, management efficiency, and easy job submission that gets results delivered from HPC resources faster and at a lower cost including:

  • Massive multi-point scalability to accelerate job response and throughput, up to tens of thousands of servers
  • Workload-optimized resource allocation to get more results out of heterogeneous resources and reduce costs, including tailored topology-based allocation that speeds job processing up to 200%
  • Optimized, intelligent scheduling packs workload and backfills around priority jobs to efficiently use resources
  • Optimized scheduling and management of accelerators, both Intel MIC and GPGPUs, for jobs to maximize their utilization and performance
  • Unified workload management for heterogeneous cluster to maximize resource availability and administration efficiency
  • Simplified job submission and management with advanced job arrays, and job templates
  • Administrator dashboards and reporting tools reduce management complexity, time and costs


Uptime Automation

Job and resource failures in high performance computing systems lead to delayed results, higher support costs, and missed organizational opportunities or objectives.  Moab HPC Suite – Basic Edition intelligently automates workload and resource uptime in the HPC system to ensure that jobs complete successfully and reliably to avoid these failures. Organizations can benefit from capabilities such as:

  • Intelligent resource placement to prevent job failures with granular resource modeling to meet workload requirements and avoid at-risk resources
  • Workload-aware future maintenance scheduling that helps maintain a stable HPC system without disrupting workload productivity
  • Professional technical support to ensure your workload management stays up and running at peak performance


Auto SLA Enforcement

Moab HPC Suite – Basic Edition uses the powerful Moab intelligence engine to optimally schedule and dynamically adjust workload to consistently meet service level agreements (SLAs), guarantees, or business priorities. This automatically ensures that the right workloads are completed at the optimal times, balancing the complex number of using departments, priorities, and SLAs.  Moab HPC Suite – Basic Edition provides:

  • Resource sharing and usage policies that schedule resources in line with resource sharing agreements (i.e.  usage limits, access controls, and dynamic fairshare policies)
  • SLA and priority polices to make sure the highest priority workloads are processed first (i.e. Quality of Service and hierarchical priority weighting policies)
  • Continuous plus future reservations scheduling that ensures priorities and guarantees are proactively met as conditions or workload changes (i.e. future reservations, pre-emption, etc.)


Managing the World’s Top Systems, Ready to Manage Yours

Moab manages the largest, most scale-intensive and complex high performance computing environments in the world.  This includes many of the Top500, leading commercial, and innovative research HPC systems. Adaptive Computing is the largest supplier of HPC workload management software. Adaptive’s Moab HPC Suite and TORQUE rank #1 and #2 as the most used scheduling/workload management software at HPC sites and Adaptive is the #1 vendor used across unique HPC sites. [1,2] [1] According to the IDC HPC End-user Study of System Software and Middleware in Technical Computing, 2013

[2] According to the 2012 HPC Site Census Survey: Middleware, December 2012, by Intersect360 Research