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Accelerate HPC to Speed Discovery, Development and Competitive Advantage

Adaptive Computing offers two HPC workload management products with the patented Moab intelligence engine that optimizes scheduling and management across workloads and resources, based on policies. Both products accelerate results delivery and maximize utilization while simplifying workload management across complex, heterogeneous cluster environments or even HPC cloud environments. The Moab® HPC Suite products leverage the multi-dimensional policies in Moab to continually schedule and monitor workloads, resources, SLAs, and priorities to optimize workload output. And these policies utilize the unique Moab management integration tools that integrate data and actions across heterogeneous resources, resource managers and management tools to maximize value. Both editions can be extended with the Moab HPC Suite – Grid Option to optimize scheduling and management across grid environments.

Managing the World’s Top Systems, Ready to Manage Yours

Moab manages the largest, most scale-intensive and complex high performance computing environments in the world.  This includes many of the Top500, leading commercial, and innovative research HPC systems. Adaptive Computing is the largest supplier of HPC workload management software. Adaptive’s Moab HPC Suite and TORQUE rank #1 and #2 as the most used scheduling/workload management software at HPC sites and Adaptive is the #1 vendor used across unique HPC sites. [1,2] [1] According to the IDC HPC End-user Study of System Software and Middleware in Technical Computing, 2013

[2] According to the 2012 HPC Site Census Survey: Middleware, December 2012, by Intersect360 Research

Moab® HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition

Moab HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition provides enterprise-ready HPC workload management that maximizes the productivity, workload uptime, and meeting of SLAs and business priorities for HPC systems or HPC Cloud using the patented Moab intelligence engine. It is designed to meet the mission-critical HPC workload management needs for commercial businesses and business-oriented research and academic organizations. Enterprise customers will benefit from a single integrated solution that brings together the key enterprise HPC uses cases and capabilities as well as implementation, training, and 24×7 support services to speed the realization of the benefits for their HPC system and business. Learn more ▶

Moab® HPC Suite – Basic Edition

Moab HPC Suite – Basic Edition is a policy-based HPC workload manager that integrates scheduling, managing, monitoring, and reporting of cluster workloads. It guarantees service levels are met while maximizing job throughput. It includes the patented Moab intelligence engine that integrates with existing middleware for unified administrative control, optimization, and reporting of cluster workloads. Its graphical management interfaces and flexible policy capabilities result in decreased costs and increased utilization. Learn more ▶

Moab® HPC Suite – Grid Option

The Moab HPC Suite – Grid Option provides professional grid workload management to extend the capabilities of Moab HPC Suite – Basic Edition or Enterprise Edition. It is used by some of the world’s largest grids. It integrates and accelerates the scheduling, management, monitoring, and reporting of workloads across independent clusters. It makes moving to a grid easy by adding grid-optimized job submission and policy-based management in a matter of minutes. The patented Moab intelligence engine optimizes data staging, manages multiple organizational control and SLA requirements, and can integrate and manage across multiple resource managers and security mechanisms running across multiple clusters. Learn more ▶