What’s New-Cloud

New Moab Cloud Suite 7.2 Available November 2012

The New Moab Cloud Suite 7.2 release offers enterprises a faster time to cloud value with out-of-the-box integration with their existing infrastructure investments and successful on-boarding of business groups with multi-group management. These enhancements ensure cloud architects and their organizations realize more ROI and success from their cloud strategy as they can leverage more of the existing IT automation, knowledge and best practices in their data center into their cloud environment without the time and expense of custom complex integration code. The user portal and admin dashboard have also been streamlined to be task-based so users and admins can accomplish common tasks quicker. And as a partner to the multi-group management, admins can now leverage a new automatic periodic usage budget or quota reset capability that frees them from service usage accounting tasks across multiple groups and users while still maintaining fiscal alignment and transparency for those groups.


Out-of-the-box Integration for Major Infrastructure Investments

The new Moab Cloud Suite connectors enable private clouds to be quickly deployed and optimized to ensure success by utilizing existing templates, workflows, monitoring data, expertise, and best practices. Moab infrastructure connectors are now available to help customers leverage a variety of major investments whether virtualization, management, or other cloud platforms. With the release of 7.2, Moab Cloud Suite has added connectors for VMware vCenter and HP Data Center Automation, in addition to an existing connector for HP Cloud Service Automation, with more to come.

  • New Moab Cloud Suite vCenter Connector immediately enables the metrics of virtualized resources to be utilized to drive Moab automation and optimization policies for your private cloud environment. This extends the value of customer’s existing VMware investments. Vendor lock-in is also avoided as other hypervisor and management tool metrics can also be leveraged for cloud management and policies through extensible Moab Web Services plug-ins.

  • New Moab Cloud Suite HP Data Center Automation Connector provides rapid integration with HP Operations Orchestration, HP Server Automation and HP Storage Essentials. It enables customers to efficiently leverage these automation technologies in a cloud environment to execute optimized service provisioning, placement, performance, and management as directed by the Moab intelligence engine policies. This connector is also supported by services from our leading system integrator partners who offer extensive expertise and experience with HP Data Center Automation as well as designing and implementing private cloud solutions.

New Multi-group Management Tailors Cloud Management for Different Needs

The new multi-group management capabilities in Moab Cloud Suite 7.2 tailor cloud access, service views and management options to meet the specific needs of multiple different groups, users, or admins using the same enterprise private cloud infrastructure. Cloud admins can easily create multiple user groups with granular permissions that govern cloud access, views and management options. Admins can apply permissions to users, groups or branches nested within groups for easier set-up and management of groups and permissions. The groups can be synchronized with existing LDAP groups for simplified and efficient management as well as accuracy. Admins have the flexibility to map the groups by business team and group as well as by user role and responsibility to match their LDAP and cloud usage models.


Streamlined Task-based User Self-service and Admin Dashboard Portal     

The streamlined task-based user self-service and admin dashboard portal in Moab Cloud Suite 7.2 enables users and admins to be more productive by grouping the needed data views and cloud management actions together for common tasks.  Users can request and manage their services easier and admins can identify and respond to issues faster and accomplish their management tasks faster to keep the cloud at peak performance. Common service or dashboard filters and sorts can even be bookmarked to further speed frequent cloud management tasks.


Automatically Reset Cloud Usage Periodic Allocations and Budgets     

The new periodic allocations auto reset capability, part of Moab Cloud Suite’s usage showback and chargeback, makes it easier for admins and organizations to manage recurring usage allocations and budgets. These are those cloud usage budgets or quotas that admins must waste valuable time resetting at regular fiscal intervals (month, quarter, etc.), managing the complications of allowing usage rollovers or no rollovers between periods. Having previous period allocations reset and depositing new allocation budget amounts instantly across multiple groups each month or quarter gives users, organizations and admins better transparency into what their cloud usage and available usage budget is in real-time for each period to support better planning and decisions in line with fiscal limits. Admins schedule these periodic allocation resets across multiple groups, organization and user accounts using the accounting events scheduler, without wasting their valuable time doing manual updates and adjustments. This keeps admins focused on keeping the cloud optimized and at peak performance, not on being accountants. And the business organizations using the cloud always have immediate visibility and never have to wait for accurate usage reports to know if they are staying within their budget.