Moab Cloud Suite Solution Architecture

Moab Cloud Suite Solution Architecture

Moab Cloud Suite is an intelligent cloud management end-to-end platform. The end-to-end coverage of the solution enables it to deliver true touchless management and optimization of cloud services from self-service portal request and admin dashboard monitoring through to automated policy-based actions across the service lifecycle. This also enables Moab Cloud Suite to maximize the value delivered from your cloud across all three dimensions of agility, cost savings and service performance.

Moab Cloud Suite is architected as a streamlined management layer on top of your existing, and future, heterogeneous data center infrastructure.  It is powered by the multi-dimensional Moab intelligence engine that acts as a brain for touchlessly optimizing all cloud operations.  It also includes core cloud management components that integrate, provision, manage, and monitor the end-to-end cloud environment.  The integration of end-to-end management capabilities in one flexible product speeds deployment of an intelligent cloud management with benefits in just a few days or weeks. The flexible management integration in Moab Cloud Suite also allows for integration with existing data center management tools to further enhance value and management automation.

Moab Connectors Provide Out-of-the-box Cloud Integration for Your Major Infrastructure Investments

Moab connectors enable your private cloud or hybrid cloud tobe quickly deployed and optimized to ensure success by utilizing existing templates, workflows, monitoring data, expertise, and best practices. Moab infrastructure connectors help you leverage your major investments whether virtualization, management, or other cloud platforms such as VMware vCenter, HP Data Center Automation and HP Cloud Service Automation, with more to come.

  Moab  Cloud Suite vCenter Connector: immediately enables the metrics of virtualized resources to be utilized to drive Moab automation and optimization policies for the cloud environment.  This extends the value of customer’s existing VMware investments into cloud ROI. Vendor lock-in is also avoided as other hypervisor and management tool metrics can also be leveraged for cloud management and policies through extensible Moab Web Services.
  Moab Cloud Suite HP Data Center Automation Connector: Moab Cloud Suite HP Data Center Automation Connector: provides rapid integration with HP Operations Orchestration, HP Server Automation, HP Storage Essentials as well as HP SiteScope.  It enables customers to efficiently leverage these automation technologies in their cloud environment to execute optimized service provisioning, placement, performance, and management as directed by the Moab intelligence engine policies.
Moab Cloud Suite HP CSA Connector: enables Moab’s patented intelligence engine policies to optimize service placement and performance while maximizing utilization as part of the HP Cloud Service Automation (HP CSA) cloud solution. This connector is currently available through HP and HP partners as part of the HP CSA cloud solution.

Moab Cloud Suite End-to-End Cloud Management Components

Moab  Viewpoint Portal: Delivers both a user self-service portal and service catalog to request and manage services as well as an admin dashboard for service catalog creation, monitoring, reporting and management across the cloud environment.
  Moab Intelligence Engine: Automates the complex decisions and orchestrates the actions for creating and optimizing cloud services based on policies, service templates, and workflows. Moab Cloud Suite uses the patented Moab intelligence engine to automate service requesting, provisioning, optimization, and management based on multi-dimensional policies that mimic real-world decision making.
  Moab Accounting Manager for Showback and Chargeback: Tracking and reporting of resource usage by user and cost center or project at the desired cost rates across the cloud environment.  Moab Accounting Manager can also help manage and IT service budgets, providing up front service costs to users at time of request and validating new service request costs against budget limits.
Management Integration and Data Aggregation
  Moab Web Services Easy, standard integration and customization of your cloud environment such as integrating data and actions from multi-vendor resource manager plug-ins, portal customization or even script integration.  Moab Services Manager also provides some additional tools for integrating data and automation for the core Moab resource managers and monitors (xCAT, MongoDB and Nagios).
  Cloud Operations DB: An integrated implementation of MongoDB provides the cloud operations  database that aggregates all the rich real-time data on cloud resources across the environment that power policy decisions and actions. It can also be integrated with other CMDBs you may have in your environment.
  xCAT Provisioning Manager: An integrated implementation of xCAT provides scalable auto provisioning of complete physical and virtual (VMware & KVM) environments using the preferred methods; stateful, stateless, cloning, statelite. xCAT enables you to auto provision OS, storage and management services.  (xCAT stands for Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit).  Moab connectors can also be used to leverage your existing provisioning manager and processes in the solution such as out-of-the-box integration for HP Server Automation with HP Operations Orchestration workflows.
Nagios Resource Monitor: An integrated implementation of Nagios provides monitoring of cloud resources and events that the Moab self-optimizing policies act on to help reduce mean time to recovery, optimize utilization, and ensure SLAs are met. Moab connectors can also be used to leverage your existing resource monitors such as out-of-the-box integration for HP Sitescope.