Moab Cloud Suite

Intelligent Cloud Management for an Agile, Automated and Adaptive Data Center

Agile, Automated and Adaptive Data CenterMoab® Cloud Suite is an intelligent cloud management end-to-end platform.  It provides touchless cloud service optimization across the full cloud service life cycle including agility, cost savings and service performance. Moab Cloud Suite uses the patented Moab intelligence engine to automate service requesting, provisioning, optimization, and management based on multi-dimensional policies that mimic real-world decision making. Moab Cloud Suite enables organizations to create agile, automated and adaptive private clouds or hybrid clouds from their diverse IT infrastructure.

Maximize Cloud ROI

With the Moab Cloud Suite, you can transform your existing heterogeneous physical and virtual resources and tools into a shared, scalable pool of resources.  It will enable you to meet business needs faster while reducing costs and management complexity. Out-of-the-box integration with your major infrastructure investments through connectors enables your cloud to be quickly deployed and optimized for rapid ROI by utilizing existing templates, workflows, monitoring data, expertise and best practices. Moab connectors are available to help you leverage major investments from VMware virtualization to HP Data Center Automation and even other clouds like HP Cloud Service Automation among others. The end-to-end integrated management streamlines deployment of your intelligent cloud to just a few days so you can start realizing maximum private cloud ROI such as:

  • Reduce service delivery time from weeks to minutes
  • Maximize utilization 2x to 3x beyond virtualization alone
  • Reduce service provisioning and delivery costs by 60-70%
  • Reduce maintenance costs by 50%
  • Eliminate up to 70% of outage incidents caused by manual configuration errors
  • Improve SLA and service performance
  • Reduce power usage and costs for cloud services by 10-30%
  • Enable better service and resource planning decisions or even  IT costs re-capture

Agile Service Delivery

Agile Service DeliveryIn today’s competitive world, businesses can’t afford to wait weeks or months for IT services that enable new offerings to customers, responding to market conditions, or process improvements. Moab Cloud Suite provides the key capabilities you need to speed delivery of IT services to the business rapidly, efficiently and successfully including:

  • Self-service requests via an easy-to-use service catalog portal that speeds delivery while reducing IT staff burden and costs
  • Optimized service placement with policies that boost utilization and prevent service failures
  • Auto provisioning to quickly deliver physical, virtual full application, or custom services in minutes using flexible methods without admin touch or costs
  • Chargeback or showback for service usage with flexible rates and charging models
  • Reporting and management via admin dashboard to identify issues, guide planning, and optimize performance, including robust, Splunk®-ready cloud operations logging

Automated Management

Automated ManagementMoab Cloud Suite extends beyond just the agility service delivery of other private clouds to maximize the cost savings and efficiency value your private or hybrid cloud delivers. The intelligent multi-dimensional Moab policies enable automated management of cloud services and resources once running. Simple policy management dashboards let admins easily understand, configure, and tune sophisticated policies that automate management leveraging your existing management and monitoring tools. These policies continually maximize utilization while eliminating manual processes to reduce costs and management complexity, allowing you to automate management functions such as:

  • Auto initiate live VM migrations to pack workload and continually maximize utilization
  • Auto maintenance and future reservations simplify updates, guarantee and prepare project resources
  • Auto response to events and incidents
  • Auto power management that reduces power consumption and costs as workload levels change

Adaptive Services and Resources

Adaptive Services and ResourcesMoab Cloud Suite further extends the value of your private cloud with improved service quality and performance. Unlike other cloud solutions, it provides intelligent policies that auto adapt services and their resources to meet SLA’s, demand and changing conditions such as:

  • Auto initiate live VM migrations to meet SLAs and improve service performance
  • Auto self-healing of physical and virtual services
  • Auto de-commissioning of services to maximize available capacity through re-purposing

Leverage Proven Expertise

Adaptive Computing has over a decade of expertise across private cloud, high performance computing, and data center automation. Our solutions manage the world’s largest, most dynamic and scale-intensive computing environments across a variety of industries. Moab Cloud Suite is backed by our experienced professional services and technical support services teams. Leverage their expertise for a swift and successful cloud solution from strategy to deployment.  They will help you ensure it delivers maximum value across agility, cost savings and service performance goals. Moab Cloud Suite is relied on to manage and optimize one of the most advanced and ambitious private clouds in the world at a leading global financial institution as well as other innovative production workload clouds for customers around the world ranging from finance to government, entertainment and other industries.