Adaptive Computing’s Moab HPC Suite Accelerates Insights for SURFsara and Their Users

SURFsara Deploys Moab to Speed Time to Discover
for Academic Communities and the Industry

Frankfurt, Germany (July 13, 2015) – Adaptive Computing, which powers many of the world’s largest private/hybrid cloud and technical computing environments with its Moab optimization and scheduling software, today announced that SURFsara, a national Tier1 datacenter in the Netherlands that provides high performance computing and data infrastructure to industry and the academic community, has deployed Moab HPC Suite (Moab). Moab will assist SURFsara’s users speed time to discover and was chosen for: its ability to guarantee SLAs, dynamic provisioning, power management, heterogeneous resource support and accounting capabilities. Initially running only on SURFsara’s Lisa Cluster Computing Environment, with 8112 cores, Moab was expanded to include their NVIDIA GPU and Intel Xeon Phi clusters. Adaptive Computing is demonstrating its Moab HPC Suite 9.0 during ISC 2015 in booth #1012.

SURFsara creates a bridge between research and advanced ICT. They do so with a passion for scientific research and with extensive expertise contained in their high-performance infrastructure. This enables them to facilitate scientific research and develop collaborative projects with the business community. SURFsara will leverage Adaptive Computing’s technology to support their initiative to stimulate HPC adoption across industries accelerating insights to help its users make game changing decisions faster by offering services in Data, Grid, HPC Cloud, and Visualization.

“We decided on the Moab/TORQUE combination in order to overcome our challenges of onboarding and servicing more and more users from the community. We’ve had significant adoption by the academic community and industry as people need insights quickly so that they can make better decisions faster to gain a competitive advantage,” says Peter Michielse, Associate Director Compute Services of SURFsara. “Moab has saved us from developing custom solutions for each user and has improved our operations and services allowing us to guarantee SLAs, provision hardware dynamically, manage power down to the specific workload and then account for it all.”

Moab HPC Suite delivers Big Workflow solutions to accelerate insights by dynamic scheduling, provisioning and managing multi-step/multi-application services across HPC, cloud and big data environments. Big Workflow solutions are designed to speed time to discovery, allowing the business to gain a competitive advantage. SURFsara’s requirements are ideal for a Big Workflow application where unifying data center resources, optimizing the analysis process and guaranteeing services to the business are necessary. SURFsara selected Moab because of its core Big Workflow solutions especially:

  • Dynamic Provisioning – allowing easy integration with SURFsara’s own provisioning tool (SALI), offering great benefits to optimize and mutualize capacity with more flexibility and real time personalization of nodes according to the workload versus siloed OS partitions
  • Moab Accounting Manager – offering delegation of funds for a broad scope of entities
  • Power Management – integrating green management policies down to the individual workload based on an asynchronous architecture for greater reliability
  • Heterogeneous Resource Support – managing different types of resources or clusters with a single Moab instance so end-users see only one system despite dispatching jobs to multiple environments
  • SLAs – ensuring the correct level of services are delivered

About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing powers many of the world’s largest private/hybrid cloud and technical computing environments with its award-winning Moab optimization and scheduling software. Moab enables large enterprises in oil and gas, financial, manufacturing, and research as well as academic and government to perform simulations and analyze Big Data faster, more accurately and most cost-effectively with its Technical Computing, Cloud and Big Data solutions for Big Workflow applications. Moab gives users a competitive advantage, inspiring them to develop cancer-curing treatments, discover the origins of the universe, lower energy prices, manufacture better products, improve the economic landscape and pursue game-changing endeavors. Adaptive is a pioneer in private/hybrid cloud, technical computing and big data, holding 50+ issued or pending patents. Adaptive’s flagship products include:

Moab Cloud Suite for self-optimizing cloud management

Moab HPC Suite for self-optimizing HPC workload management

Moab Big Workflow Solution

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