Adaptive Computing Integrates Key Updates into Its Moab HPC Suite, Helping Customers Get the Most from HPC

HAMBURG, Germany – ISC 2012 – June 18, 2012 – Adaptive Computing, managers of the world’s largest supercomputing systems and experts in intelligent HPC workload management software, today announced enhancements to its Moab HPC Suite that improve workload management and accelerate high performance computing. The Moab HPC Suite 7.1 now offers faster processing of parallel and big data jobs, as well as streamlined scheduling and visualization workload capabilities that improve the overall productivity of HPC systems. Moab HPC Suite 7.1 will be featured at ISC ’12 in Hamburg, Germany, June 18-20, 2012 in booth #147.

“More organizations today face the challenges of turning big data workloads into solutions and decisions with their HPC systems and need to speed the delivery of those solutions,” said Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research. “Intelligent workload management tools like Moab HPC Suite 7.1, with new topology-based scheduling methods and high scalability are one way customers can accelerate their data intensive and parallel jobs while improving overall utilization and efficiency of their systems.”

The Moab HPC Suite now features several enhanced key features that improve its overall functionality and maximize HPC system performance, including: 

Improved Topology-Based Scheduling

Moab’s improved topology-based scheduling plugin capabilities will utilize nodes close to each other to increase processing speed for parallel-processing jobs and reduce latency. This can greatly increase job execution speed of results and overall job capacity. Moab also supports customized node allocation plugins for topologies such as Fat Tree (Clos), 2D Mesh, Hypercube and 3D Torus; and for vendor-specific topologies such as Cray, SGI UV and ICE. This new capability gives customers a tremendous amount of flexibility that they need to get the most out of their system.

Integration with Third-Party Technology

Customers using Cray systems can leverage increased availability with Moab’s new streamlined architecture for Cray ALPS. Moab HPC Suite’s TORQUE resource manager can now run externally to the Cray domain, providing better advantage of its TORQUE system, which has been moved off the SDB to a more powerful external server, and its performance. This enhancement also provides high availability and gives users the ability to continue scheduling jobs even when the Cray system is down or busy. Through the enhanced ALPS integration, TORQUE can now auto-detect nodes and GPGPU resources in Cray systems, making Cray systems even easier to manage with Moab.

“Cray is focused on helping our customers solve the most challenging scientific and engineering problems,” said Peg Williams, senior vice president of high performance computing systems at Cray, Inc. “We see great potential for the new Cray workload management enhancements Adaptive Computing has delivered in Moab HPC Suite 7.1.  They are designed to help our mutual customers rapidly develop solutions and opportunities with high-speed, reliable job scheduling and streamlined administration across Cray systems of all sizes.”

Moab also now integrates with NICE products to optimize visualization workloads for customers, helping them turn visualized data into an advantage and opportunity in their markets quicker and cheaper, visualize workloads and improve resource utilization through integration products from NICE. The Visualization Workload Optimization solution will be available as an option for the Enterprise Edition of Moab HPC Suite – boosting productivity, security, and collaboration while minimizing network usage and management costs by centralizing visualization workstations. And by transferring pixels rather than data, speed and security is improved.

Moab’s intelligent placement and management capabilities help maximize resource utilization and ensure the success of 3D visualization applications. Moab also manages multiple user sessions on a single machine and enables dynamic re-provisioning of the OS and applications, improving availability and the ability to respond to workload demands.

Flexible Accounting and Visibility

New accounting capabilities provide more efficient usage accounting with sample configurations to help determine the most effective accounting model, as well as the ability to automatically schedule and see notifications of accounting events. The charge rate table also includes more granular conditional usage rates, providing additional accounting flexibility for customers. And the ability to switch between different clusters in the interface improves overall accounting visibility.

Moab also provides robust visibility into cluster operations, as well as Splunk®-ready event logging to help improve performance and security, and to trace issues with jobs. The event logging structure also makes analysis faster with the integration of intuitive field mapping of events data.

These features are all part of Moab HPC Suite 7.1, which will be released in July 2012.




About Moab HPC Suite

Adaptive Computing offers two HPC workload management products with the patented Moab intelligence engine for policy-based, predictive scheduling across workloads and resources.

Both products accelerate results delivery and maximize utilization while simplifying workload

management across complex, heterogeneous cluster environments. The Moab® HPC Suite products leverage the multi-dimensional policies in Moab to continually model and monitor workloads, resources, SLAs, and priorities to optimize workload output. And these policies utilize the unique Moab management abstraction layer that integrates data across heterogeneous resources and resource managers to maximize control as organizations automate workload management actions.

Moab manages the world’s largest, most scale-intensive and complex HPC environments in the world including 40% of the top 10 supercomputing systems, nearly 40% of the top 25 and 36% of the compute cores in the top 100 systems based on rankings from


About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing, manages the world’s largest supercomputing environments with its self-optimizing dynamic cloud management solutions and HPC workload management systems driven by Moab®, a patented multi-dimensional intelligence engine.   Moab® delivers policy-based governance, allowing customers to consolidate and virtualize resources, allocate and manage applications, optimize service levels and reduce operational costs.  Adaptive Computing offers a portfolio of Moab cloud management and Moab HPC workload management products and services that accelerate, automate, and self-optimize IT workloads, resources, and services in large, complex heterogeneous computing environments such as HPC, data centers and cloud.  Our products act as a brain on top of existing and future diverse infrastructure and middleware to enable it to self-optimize and deliver higher ROI to the business with its:

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