Senior Professional Services Engineer

Job Summary

Professional Services Engineer performs the following functions to one degree or another.

  • Pre-Sales: Assist in the definition, creation and pre – sales activities related to Professional Services.  Effectively present solutions/recommendations to internal and external stake holders.
  • Solution Scoping:  Work with customers and partners to identify gaps, needs, and value propositions.
  • Implementation and Integration:  Create and follow statement of work to implement solutions. Ability to work against set deadlines. Implement solutions with a closed environment for testing and development.
  • Training.  Provide internal and external training to small and medium groups in the use of reference architectures and solutions.

Required Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree (completed or underway)  in computer science, electrical engineering, information technology, information systems, or a related field

Required Experience, Skills, Abilities and Attributes:

  • Linux server administration and troubleshooting experience
  • Linux scripting skills (either Python, or Perl)
  • Virtualization technology experience (VMWare, KVM, Xen, etc) and/or container management (Docker, etc.)
  • Ability to think quickly and precisely in a changing environment
  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing
  • Ability to work in multidisciplinary teams to achieve defined goals and outcomes
  • Ability to work in a low supervision, autonomous environment responsible for own schedule and prioritization
  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally (expected travel to customer sites: 10 – 20 weeks/yr)

Desirable Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • HPC programming, administration, or support experience
  • Familiarity with gdb, valgrind, autoconf, make, and other Linux development tools
  • Good grasp of multi-platform portability issues and concerns
  • Experience in open source community projects
  • Experience in Cloud implementation projects
  • Experience in HPC and/or Technical computing projects
  • Ability to present Adaptive Computing product solutions to customers and other interested parties
  • Systems design, software design theory
  • Experience developing high scalability services
  • Enterprise networking and storage
  • Previous IT operations experience
  • Microsoft development experience
  • Web software development

Desired Objectives:

Participate in presales, delivery, and post-delivery stages of Professional Services engagements.

Leverage existing Professional Services tools and process to solve customer business needs, contributing from own skills and capabilities as appropriate.

Add value to Professional Services Organization by adding to and enhancing existing knowledge base and technical resources such as scripts, use cases, documentation, etc.

Strong initiative and self-confidence demonstrated by ability to manage one’s own tasks and schedule, the ability to coordinate and at times lead small groups of technical resources (including team members, customer technical contributors and partners) in solution delivery.

Travel to customer locations to implement Professional Services solutions using Statement of Work, best practices, and own skills and capabilities.

Communicate value proposition of Adaptive Computing Software in addressing general and customer-specific use cases in presales, conference and trade-show environments.

About Adaptive Computing:

Adaptive Computing manages the world’s largest computing installations with its Moab® self-optimizing cloud management and HPC workload management solutions.  The patented Moab multi-dimensional decision engine delivers policy-based governance, allowing customers to consolidate resources, allocate and manage services, optimize service levels and reduce operational costs.  Our leadership in IT decision engine software has been recognized with over 60 patents and over a decade of battle-tested performance resulting in a solid Fortune 500 and Top500 supercomputing customer base.

The Moab decision engine is unique in its ability to accelerate and automate both complex IT decisions and processes through multi-dimensional policies.  Only Moab can automate decisions and processes across business priorities and SLAs, current and future time horizons, and heterogeneous physical and virtual resources and management tools, as well as many other dimensions.  Adaptive Computing’s mission is to bring higher levels of decision, control, and self-optimization to the challenges of deploying and managing large and complex IT environments so they accelerate business performance at a reduced cost.

To apply, email your resume’ to: [email protected].


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