HPC In the Cloud – The State of HPC Cloud

September 11, 2012 – Brady Kimball, VP of Engineering, Adaptive Computing                                                

While HPC cloud is still in the early stages of adoption, it is becoming more commonplace. Various hurdles must be overcome and users must become comfortable with new usage models, but as technology ramps up to meet these challenges, the benefits of a cloud model will attract more and more HPC users.

Public and Private HPC Clouds

HPC clouds can be public, private, or hybrid. Public HPC clouds include services such as Amazon Web Services, Penguin On Demand and others. These services provide elastic HPC compute resources billed by the hour. Private HPC clouds use the hardware HPC sites already own, but manage it in an elastic, cloud-like fashion. This model can be more economical and can fit the needs of a given site more closely than a public cloud. Hybrid clouds combine both of these models, allowing some workloads to run locally on a private HPC cloud, while running other workloads on a public cloud.

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