University of Birmingham


The University of Birmingham’s BlueBear system provides a high-performance computing system to meet the rapidly growing data, reliability and reduced operating cost needs for students and faculty conducting breakthrough research across numerous scientific areas.


The University of Birmingham had a diverse range and types of workloads with variable demand at different times of year that led to underutilized resources that still ran up the energy costs even when not actively running jobs.


Moab Adaptive HPC Suite™ provides dynamic node and workload management for a 1,500 core High Performance Computing service ~7TFlops


An energy-efficient HPC system that optimally meets the needs of their users with variable workload types and demand, ensuring that resources are always available when required without power being wasted. Annual cost savings on input power for BlueBear are estimated at 10% of the total power and cooling costs for running the cluster.

View Complete Customer Case Study – PDF (8½x11) (A4)

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