Major Financial Institution

Major Financial Institution Saves Millions with Cloud Management Software

Moab Cloud Suite Increased Service Levels, Reduced Costs and Saved Staff Time

Private clouds can save companies millions of dollars and thousands of hours of staff time. One of the world’s largest financial institutions deployed Moab Cloud Suite, an intelligent cloud management platform. Having one of the largest private clouds in the world with thousands of servers & 10,000+ VMs today and 100,000+ servers over time, this financial institution is on track to meet their goal of 80% of IT services running in their private cloud. Prior to deploying a cloud environment, the bank realized that their existing environment created significant complexity and fragmentation, resulting in high costs. With Moab Cloud Suite, they increased service levels, reduced costs, and saved staff time resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

Earlier, they had built a utility computing model – a simple “one size fits most” approach that was targeted to address 90% of the required workloads and address the issues of utility computing. The team identified that this created a need to customize the system to such an extent that it became complex and unwieldy, which prevented them from making necessary adjustments without causing more problems.

In addition to improving their flexibility, they also needed to create a brand new long-life design environment. Making incremental changes usually fails, so they needed a protected system that could be created quickly. The long-life design was essential, as a quick, money-saving solution in a 3-year model can lead to billions of dollars lost in the long run. They needed a model that could be implemented quickly, and could evolve over time and prove to be a long-lasting service.

As the organization considered these challenges, they developed a series of specific goals. They needed to radically change the time required to acquire, set up and deliver fully functional compute platforms to the business with a focus on reducing cost and complexity while improving capability. And they needed to implement the new process fast.

The Solution: Moab Cloud Suite

In considering this move to the cloud, the organization had to consider several factors. Their aggressive internal cloud initiative required a “top down” solution set and support. This targeted the existing underutilized data and environments, in order to provision them effectively with new data. With this in mind, they began to explore solutions providers, keeping in mind the need for a cost-effective solution that provided a higher return on investment, reduced cost services and increased agility. The organization started to look at data migration issues and how to achieve economies of scale to prove the concept before considering the possibility of public cloud utilization. The primary driver for public cloud spillover is cost, but those advantages diminish rapidly as the number of your internal resources increases.

After researching a number of possibilities, they decided on Moab Cloud Suite from Adaptive Computing. Moab Cloud Suite is intelligent cloud management software for data center that automates the decisions and process of provisioning resources to meet diverse incoming workloads and changing conditions based on business policies and service-level goals. It provides users with selfservice resource requests for cloud environments, with usage chargeback and an administrative dashboard to simplify management. And most importantly, Adaptive aggressively tackled the cutting edge cloud requirements and quickly demonstrated their customizable capabilities to enhance the bank’s cloud environment.

Moab Cloud Suite would allow them to transform existing heterogeneous physical and virtual resources into a shared pool of resources to deliver improved capacity and faster time-to-value in meeting business needs, while reducing cost and management complexity. It would also allow the organization to leverage their preferred resource management technologies as they create an agile, automated and adaptive cloud environment. In particular, this would allow the financial institution to address the following key IT goals:

Faster delivery of IT services: Improving the speed of resource delivery allows them to more quickly address opportunities as they arise, make their business processes more efficient and better respond to real-time market conditions.

Reduce capital and operating costs: More intelligent allocation of resources results in less need to purchase additional capacity, and intelligent management reduces operating costs by reducing manual tasks.

Automation of chargeback to improve resource usage and reporting: A single point of management helps determine intelligent workload placement, which helps align costs more closely with business priorities, account for future capacity needs, and optimize data center and cloud performance.

Prevent failure in the face of expanding IT services: Intelligent management better handles diverse workload requests for physical and virtual systems.

Meet service level requirements: By dynamically and automatically adapting to current needs, provisioning is handled with no need for manual processes, keeping the level of service higher.

The Results

They call Moab Cloud Suite the “Swiss army knife” of their cloud because of its flexibility and ability to remove the manual human management out of so many aspects of their cloud and truly go touchless. With Moab Cloud Suite intelligently managing their cloud, they are projecting a $1B savings over the next 2-3 years and are projecting ROI benefits such as:

  • $250M CapEx savings – hardware and storage utilization has improved with over $20
  • $750M OpEx savings – go from 200 to 5 admins for service creation and management – free up others for more productive tasks

After 1 year of deployment they are already experiencing:

  • Reduced cost of delivering and provisioning new services – $20 million in FTE time savings
  • Dramatically increased utilization with 10 to 1 consolidation of physical servers to VMs with the optimized workload packing
  • Dramatically improved agility with a 14-60 day complete service delivery process compressed to just 1-3 hours
  • 50% reduction in maintenance costs

Since deploying Moab Cloud Suite, the institution has saved millions of dollars and thousands of hours of staff time. Moab has proven to be a critical component in delivering on their architectural vision of delivering mainframe capabilities in a distributed system environment with many moving parts.

An important part of the implementation was the need to justify the implementation of the solution to management, showing a definitive ROI. The newly installed solution needed to put in a cost effective footprint of hardware, then make it virtualized, mobile and agile, with results clearly visible to management. Once that had taken place, it needed to drive up virtualization. It was a three-pronged justification process, and the Moab Cloud Suite proved its worth immediately, by satisfying all of these requirements within weeks of the request – far more quickly than any of the competing solutions could have managed.

The institution now boasts the ability to host 10,000+ servers and apps to meet their growing needs. The cost per application hosted has been significantly reduced, as has the time and skill level needed for provisioning new resources. In addition to the improved capacity itself, their efficiency in server resource utilization has skyrocketed by a factor of ten. They also save millions of dollars through more efficient utilization of storage resources, dramatically reducing the time needed to perform tasks. The time it takes to provision hosts has dropped from weeks to minutes. The Moab system from Adaptive Computing has helped this large financial institution meet current needs while finding themselves prepared for the future.

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