University of Cantabria

Technological Development Centre of  the University of Cantabria


The Technological Development Centre of the University of Cantabria (CDTUC) in Spain is devoted to innovation where 14 commercial companies and 12 university research groups are currently working on projects. 77% of their projects are contracted projects with external organizations.  They needed an HPC solution that would accelerate access to HPC compute resources and the innovation they drive. They turned to the combination of optimized Moab workload management on their existing SLURM resource manager.  They are currently #358 on the TOP500 list as of June 2012.

Moab® HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition with SLURM resource mgr for HPC Cloud
  • Ability to integrate with their homegrown job submission and management portal using Moab Web Services
  • Optimized GPGPU scheduling & mgmt to maximize utilization and minimize management of these processors to accelerate jobs
  • Intelligent allocation to prevent job failures so jobs started, especially by the external commercial groups, and completed without error or delay and without pushing up support costs
  • Future and maintenance reservations ensure that resources are available for key projects for each of the sharing organizations and groups and that the resources remain stable and reliable to maximize uptime



The Centre will realize significant benefits from the optimization Moab brings to their workload management including:

  • Optimize service levels across multiple sharing groups with different priorities
  • Maximize utilization & throughput leveraging existing tools
  • Enable pay-for-use of the system for commercial organizations using the system