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Big Data Challenge: Data Paring


I think a lot about Big Data and the challenges it proposes. I guess I started thinking about Big Data a long time before I ever heard the term. I began to think about it when I heard and read one of the conclusions of the post-mortem for the events on and around September 11th, […]

Workflows, People and Processes – InformationSecurityBuzz


In the world of business there seems to constantly be a battle for supremacy between People and Process. Both ideological camps put forth their ideas and justifications, much of which is based on research and founded through their own internal point of view. For me, both of these are important and for integral, yet separate parts of the […]

Big Data, Crowdsourcing Aid Search for Flight 370 – Datanami


US-based satellite imagery provider DigitalGlobe is using its recently acquired crowdsourcing website Tomnod to search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. DigitalGlobe activated its crowdsourcing platform on March 10 in an effort to locate the Boeing 777 jetliner that mysteriously disappeared on Saturday, March 8, 2014, while en route from Malaysia to Beijing. DigitalGlobe is […]

Interview: Adaptive Computing Brings Big Workflow to the Data Center – insideBIGDATA


High Performance Computing (HPC) has traditionally taken place in the realms of research and government. Now Adaptive Computing is heralding a new trend it calls “Big Workflow” that makes it possible for enterprise customers to gain insight into enormous amounts of data through HPC. We sat down with Jill King, VP of Marketing at Adaptive Computing, […]

Website Uses Big Data Analytics to Search for Flight MH370


US-based satellite imagery company DigitalGlobe is using its recently acquired crowdsourcing website Tomnod to search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. DigitalGlobe acquired Tomnod in 2013 and has used it for numerous recovery efforts including Typhoon Haiyan which hit the Philippines last November. DigitalGlobe is using its own “advanced” satellite constellations to take images of […]

How Big Data Analytics is Aiding Search for Flight 370


Crowdsourcing website,, being used to enable public to join in the hunt for the missing aircraft. As the hours and days go by following the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 somewhere in Southeast Asia, more people and organizations are joining the search party. And they are using every tool at their […]

Tech Innovation Convergence: When 1 + 1 Equals Three


Call me a nerd in my deepest soul, but one of the things that excites me most about technology is when two or more concepts get pushed together to create something potentially even more amazing. We’ve witnessed it multiple times in enterprise IT’s past. These resulting capabilities are usually so logical and so liberating that we […]

Big Workflow: The Future of Big Data Computing – Scientific Computing


How can organizations embrace — instead of brace for — the rapidly intensifying collision of public and private clouds, HPC environments and Big Data? The current go-to solution for many organizations is to run these technology assets in siloed, specialized environments. This approach falls short, however, typically taxing one datacenter area while others remain underutilized, functioning […]

Why Big Data needs Cloud – Wired


Ask a hundred pundits, and you’ll get a hundred definitions of big data. Some suggest a specific size (“anything over 50 TB is big data”); others like to talk about the 3 Vs (volume, velocity, variety) or the 4 Vs (3 Vs + veracity). But I think the simplest definition is best: Big data is […]

Adaptive Computing Spans The DigitalGlobe – Enterprise Tech


Given a choice between developing their own cluster and data management software or buying it off the shelf from third parties, most large enterprises would prefer to buy rather than build. This is not always possible, particularly at companies engaged in innovative businesses outside the norm. Such has been the case with satellite imagery provider […]