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Part 1 – An Automated Web We Weave: QA Automation and Moab at Adaptive Computing


“Things would be so much simpler if we had more automation.” I know no one has ever heard…or said that. It seems obvious. If computers are running all your tests for you, there is less work for people to do, right? Quality Assurance can do their work from the beach, and you only need one […]

A Tale of Two Algorithms


Here’s a scenario that anybody who lives with other people will understand well. It’s late at night and the house is quiet. All its inhabitants are sleeping peacefully in their beds. Imagine yourself coming home from a late night, starving for food and needing a shower. Now you’re faced with a choice. You might (selfishly? […]

Facing Big Data Challenges Head On

Big data concept in word cloud

Here at Adaptive Computing, we’ve made big data a priority by more efficiently processing intense simulations and big data analysis. Our Big Workflow solution derives its name from its ability to solve big data challenges by streamlining the workflow to deliver valuable insights from massive quantities of data across multiple platforms, environments, and locations. Beyond […]

Engineering 101: Why You’d Love Software Engineering


I love working in the field of software engineering and I want to share some points on why. It’s Diverse When you are working as a software engineer you can be working in any industry in the world with many different kinds of company cultures. In addition to the many, many software companies which exist, […]

TORQUE Protocol 4: Inter-Server Communication

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.58.09 AM
This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series TORQUE Protocols

The TORQUE inter-server or IS protocol is for inter-server communication. “What do you mean by inter-server?” you might say. “Isn’t there only one server in the TORQUE cluster?” Like so many other things in the computer art the term server can have an ambiguous meaning. In the case of the IS Protocol a server is […]

TORQUE BoF 2014: Past, Present and Future


Supercomputing 2014 is almost here. And for the fifth time in the last six years that means it is also time for the Supercomputing TORQUE Birds of a Feather. Aside from the stress of preparing for the meeting I really love this event. My first TORQUE BoF was at Supercomputing 2009 in Portland, Oregon. This […]

PuppetConf 2014 – A New Breed of Developer


The DevOps team here at Adaptive Computing recently attended PuppetConf 2014 in beautiful downtown San Francisco. Being able to work for a company and with a team that is passionate about DevOps practices, it was an absolute blast to be among fellow Puppet community members soaking in all that PuppetLabs had to offer this year. […]

Visualizing TORQUE

TORQUEView - Heat Map with tooltip

For many months now, I’ve noticed that TORQUE users needed help graphically visualizing what was happening inside a TORQUE system.  A GUI tool was needed to visually monitor the health of an entire cluster at a glance and have the ability to quickly move to any trouble spots and drill in to find more information. […]

Convergence of High-Throughput Computing (HTC) with HPC


While HPC workloads are compute- and data-intensive and can sometimes take several months to complete, High-throughput computing (HTC) jobs have by nature extremely short runtimes, usually in the millisecond range. Nearly all HTC jobs can be classified as “embarrassingly parallel,” which means the workload can be divided up into multiple, autonomous pieces, each of which […]

Big Data Challenge: Data Wrangling

Cowboy Data

One of the well-known difficulties for data analytics is data wrangling. Essentially, the process of “data wrangling”—sometimes lovingly referred to as janitor work—is transforming raw data into something that can actually be analyzed by algorithms and data scientists. When you have totally raw data it is very difficult to process, especially with natural language. Think […]