In the News: Adaptive Computing Featured In HPC Publications

We’ve had a busy summer with industry conferences and events, and software announcements of our own. (If you haven’t heard the news, take a look at our News/Events posts, in addition to our most recent blog posts to get all the insights).

In the meantime, take a look at what the HPC industry has been saying about Adaptive Computing:

HPCwire: What Drives Investment in the Middle of HPC?

hipergator-200x159In this article, HPCwire looks beyond the TOP500 supercomputers and reveals some interesting use cases specifically highlighting the supercomputer, HiPerGator, at the University of Florida. HiPerGator received a supercomputing ranking of #493—just out of the TOP500—and current developments to this system are spearheaded by user demand. The University of Florida team uses Moab and TORQUE to “handle the many requests, in addition to offering the capability for more sophisticated users to fine-tune their requests according to the mix of available architectures.”

The university’s Director of Research Computing, Dr. Erik Deumens, offered advice to universities that want to support research and become a top tier research center based on their HPC capabilities. He said, “There are some successes in terms of their approach to scheduling. It used to be a manual process, but has been eased through our Moab and TORQUE engines.”

insideHPC: HPC, Cloud & Big Workflow: What’s New in Moab 8.0

In this video from ISC’14, Adaptive Computing’s Principal Solutions Strategist, Trev Harmon, presents: HPC, Cloud & Big Workflow: What’s New in Moab 8.0.

“This latest version of Moab underscores our commitment to innovation in the technical computing sectors,” said Rob Clyde, CEO at Adaptive Computing. “HPC’s powerful engine is at the core of extracting insights from big data, and these updates will enable enterprises to capitalize on HPC’s convergence with cloud and big data to garner faster insights for data-driven decisions.”

HPCwire: Diversity Divides the HPC Middleware Market

In this article, HPCwire showcases findings from HPC analyst group, Intersect360 Research as they tie “together a wealth of findings around a comprehensive definition of middleware, bringing to light the diversity of the segment, as well as where the momentum tends to lie.” Adaptive Computing’s Moab and TORQUE were featured in Intersect360’s list of Top 20 Named Middleware Packages Used at Surveyed Sites. See the chart below:


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