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NCSA Blog Post ImageOur Free MoabCon at NCSA is coming up this first week in May, and we hope you’re as excited as we are. We have a great lineup of speakers, ready to share many of the useful features of Moab and other related tools. We’d like to briefly review the itinerary so you have an idea of what to expect:

Note: We invite you to also attend a 3-day discounted Moab admin training prior to MoabCon (a 75% savings compared to on-site training). The NCSA Private Sector Program (PSP) will also be holding a free event that week on Wednesday and Thursday (half day), with NCSA and its partners addressing “The New World Order of HPC”, which will cover how to achieve the greatest economic impact of the next generation of Industrial HPC. You are invited to participate in part or all of this event as well.


iForge – Next Generation User Experience: We’ll start off Thursday with lunch and a special dessert (Panna Cotta and Creme Brulee, while enjoying a preview of NCSA PSP’s Next Generation iForge Experience, showcasing the upgraded PSP capabilities that utilize the latest release of Moab, for example the ease of use of the new submission portal as well as new application templates, high throughput workload submission, and remote visualization.











Keynote Speaker: After that we’ll have the pleasure of hearing from our Cray keynote speaker, Jason Coverston.

Moab Fundamentals: Later, we’ll review fundamentals of Moab 9.0, as well as introduce the several new or enhanced capabilities of this version. This includes significant enhancements in Viewpoint (Moab’s easy-to-use job submission portal), Docker, Insight, and Nitro (our high throughput solution). Moab 9.0 also brings increased scalability and performance and data staging.

Docker:  We’ll learn about how to checkpoint your jobs with Docker, including the advantages of being able to migrate jobs. Docker also enables you to repurpose nodes to deliver any special environment your applications need (for example current or legacy versions of the OS).

High Throughput:  We’ll also hear about Nitro, a new high throughput scheduling solution designed to launch “Millions of Jobs in Minutes”, and learn how it can effectively eliminate bottlenecks, and provide timely or even real-time response on high volumes of workloads.

Elastic Computing: Then we’ll learn about elastic computing, which gives the ability to dynamically add and subtract resources by bursting to private clouds or other shared data center resources. Through the presentation, as well as an Amazon Demo, it will become clear how elastic computing can help admins better manage the provisioning and performance challenges of bursty workloads.

Remote Visualization: A following demo will exhibit the role of easy-to-use remote visualization in enabling collaboration and use of resources from remote sites.

Grid and Data Staging: We’ll close that evening with a discussion of grid and data staging. We’ll cover consolidating multiple clusters under one single scheduling environment for improved resource utilization and ease of management.



Blue Waters Tour: Friday will begin with a short tour of Blue Waters, one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers as well as other NCSA data centers.






Keynote Speaker: Upon returning we will be pleased to hear from our keynote speaker, Spencer Julian, from Purdue University, on the subject of “Autoscaling Compute Clusters using Docker and Moab Elastic.”

NUMA/C-Groups: Following that we’ll address utilizing NUMA/C-Groups’ intelligent memory allocation capabilities so users can speed up applications and achieve reliable execution times.

Accounting: Then we’ll learn about the Moab Accounting Manager, an easy-to-use accounting management system that allows showback and chargeback for usage tracking and charging for resource or service usage, and its role in aligning usage behavior to business objectives for a more productive, efficient culture.

Roadmap and Q&A: Finally, grab a box lunch and join us for a great conclusion, as we outline the future of Moab. Then get any more information you need from a Q&A with Moab engineers.

It’s going to be a great conference and we hope you’re able to come on May 5th and 6th (register here). See you there!

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