The Link Everyone Has Been Waiting For…

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It was sitting in my inbox when I got back from lunch, boldly starting off with “And finally, the link everyone has been waiting for…”

You see, registration for SC14 is now open.





And, that makes me excited.


This year we are returning to New Orleans after a four-year hiatus from the Paris of the South (or the Big Easy, if you prefer). Many people have many different reasons for being excited about returning to this particular venue for the premier HPC event of the year. It is true—the city has many attractions. However, for me its not the booze, music, or Bourbon Street in the French Quarter (Don’t get me wrong. I love jazz, though I’m not into the other two). What I’m excited for is to see how this year’s theme will play out. If you don’t know the theme, here it is:


Yes, it’s a hashtag.

And, honestly, I love the fact that it’s a hashtag. Here’s why. It implies one of the reasons HPC matters is because of the people. It’s a community that is doing great things… or, in other words, a community full of people doing great things.

SC has built a diverse community of participants including researchers, scientists, application developers, computing center staff and management, computing industry staff, agency program managers, journalists, and congressional staffers. This diversity is one of the conference’s main strengths, making it a yearly “must attend” forum for stakeholders throughout the technical computing community.

Then there’s the bit where I truly believe that HPC does, in fact, really, truly matter.

HPC is involved in solving many of the toughest challenges that face the world today. It’s about understanding our world (universe and microverse) better. It helps us create better products and use our resource more wisely. It provides us with the insights that lead to epiphanies. And, it’s growing.

The technical program is the heart of SC. It has addressed virtually every area of scientific and engineering research, as well as technological development, innovation, and education. Its presentations, tutorials, panels, and discussion forums have included breakthroughs in many areas and inspired new and innovative areas of computing.

We’ll be there at SC14. Come join us, and learn of all the great advances out there in our community. See what cool and exciting things people are doing to push our understanding of what is possible.

And, hopefully you’ll come away knowing, like I do, that #HPCMatters.


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