Enhancing Technical Computing Environments and Big Workflow with Moab 8.0

Today we’re announcing the latest version of our Moab HPC Suite-Enterprise, Moab 8.0. In addition to significant updates for managing and optimizing workloads across technical computing environments, Moab 8.0 also enhances Big Workflow by processing intensive simulations and big data analysis to accelerate insights.

Moab 8.0

Key updates on Moab 8.0 include:

Unify Data Center Resources – With Adaptive Computing’s Big Workflow solution, users can utilize all available resources across multiple platforms, environments and locations, managing them as a single ecosystem. Moab 8.0 enhances resource unification such as its new OpenStack Integrationavailable for selected beta, offers virtual and physical resource provisioning for Information as a Service and Platform as a Service.

Optimize the Analysis Process – Massive Performance enhancements in workload optimization streamline the analytical process, which increases throughput and productivity as well as reduces cost, complexity and errors. These new optimization features include:

  • Performance Boost –Enables users to achieve up to three times improvement in overall workload optimization performance.
    • Reduced Command Latency
    • Decreased Scheduling Cycle Time
    • Improved Multi-threading
    • Faster Moab and TORQUE Job Communication
    • Advanced High Throughput Computing
  • Advanced Power Management –Creates energy cost savings up to 15-30 percent with new clock frequency control and additional power state options. As an administrator, you can adjust CPU speeds to align with workload processing speeds through job templates, manage multiple power states and automatically place compute nodes in new low-power or no-power states (suspend, hibernation and shutdown modes) when nodes are idle.
  • Advanced Workflow Data Staging –Updates the current data staging model in Moab by running data staging in a scheduling out-of-band process. This enables improved cluster utilization, multiple transfer methods and new transfer types, more reliable job execution time consistency and allows Moab to more effectively account for data staging in resource scheduling decisions within Grid environments.

Guarantee Services to the Business – Improved features allow the data center to ensure SLAs, maximize uptime and prove services were delivered and resources were allocated fairly. Moab 8.0 also offers Moab Viewpoint™, the next generation of Adaptive’s administrative dashboard that today monitors and reports workload and resource utilization.

Moab 8.0 will be generally available within 30 days, but if you’re attending International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) 2014 in Leipzig, Germany, you can get a sneak peak! Stop by booth No. 710 to see “What’s New – Moab 8.0: Sneak peak at Viewpoint and Power Management.”

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