Adaptive Computing to Work with Atipa Technologies to Manage Computing Workloads at Department of Energy’s EMSL

We’re happy to announce that Adaptive Computing will work with Atipa Technologies to manage a new supercomputing environment for the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL), a national scientific user facility at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, Washington.


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EMSL offers an open, collaborative environment for scientific discovery to researchers around the world. Its integrated computational and experimental resources enable researchers to realize important scientific insights and create new technologies. The interdisciplinary teams at PNNL address many of America’s most pressing issues in energy, the environment, and national security through advances in basic and applied science.

The new supercomputer system will run computationally intensive climate and biological system simulations along with other scientific programs to aid DOE research in environmental science, atmospheric and climate modeling, bioenergy applications, molecular chemistry and materials science and more. As a national user facility resource, the system will be available to scientists conducting research that aligns with EMSL’s mission to solve the nation’s environmental and energy production challenges.

Using Moab HPC Suite, Adaptive Computing will automate the scheduling, management, monitoring, and reporting of workloads on a 1,440 compute node supercomputing system built on Supermicro SuperServers and Intel Xeon Phi accelerators (totaling over 195,000 processors). Each node is capable of delivering processing speeds of 2.3 teraflops.

We’re excited that Moab is playing a key role in creating this problem-solving environment for the Department of Energy’s EMSL. Using the increased efficiency provided by Moab, users can meet diverse job requirements quicker, drive innovation and discovery faster, and further accelerate their research. We’re looking forward to the scientific advances that will come out of this supercomputer system.

Not only are we looking forward to the outcome of this new environment, but also for the opportunity to work with Atipa Technologies, the High Performance Computing division of Microtech Computers. Atipa has developed comprehensive Linux solutions for diverse enterprises, academic research labs, and Department of Energy research organizations.

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