Adaptive Computing Demonstrates Moab HPC Suite and Adaptive Workload Optimization Pack for Cluster Platforms at ISC 2013

We’re happy to announce that Adaptive Computing will manage computing workloads in the Baden-Württemberg High Performance Computing Competence Centers (bwHPC), funded to a large part by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWK) in Baden-Württemberg. Using Moab HPC Suite, we will automate the scheduling, management, monitoring, and reporting of bwHPC’s workloads on a distributed supercomputing system. The system will have an estimated 6,500 processors socket in five clusters upon completion.

We’ll be demonstrating Moab HPC Suite during this week’s International Supercomputing Conference in booth #500. A live demo of the recently launched Adaptive Workload Optimization Pack for high performance computing Cluster Platforms will also be available at ISC 2013.

Managing Computing Workloads for High-Performance Computing in Baden-Württemberg

As Adaptive Computing CEO, Rob Clyde explains, “Across the world, Moab is an invaluable resource for the most scale-intensive and complex HPC environments because of its battle-tested ability to efficiently and intelligently manage workloads.”

The five HPC clusters in Baden-Württemberg, a state of Germany located in the southwestern part of the country, will leverage Adaptive Computing’s technology to support their state-wide advanced scientific research in a variety of fields, including bioinformatics, neuroscience, computational chemistry, high-energy physics and systems biology. The first phase of the bwHPC environment, which includes the universal cluster (bwUniCluster) and two clusters for specific research communities (bwForCluster), will be installed in 2013/2014, with the two remaining specific research clusters targeted for completion over the next two years.

We look forward to playing an integral role in advancing these research endeavors by helping the bwHPC team accomplish more work in less time, and in the right priority order.

More About Adaptive’s Workload Optimization Pack for Cluster Platforms

In order to address all of the key challenges that can limit HPC potential, we recently launched the Adaptive Workload Optimization Pack for high performance computing Cluster Platforms.  This pack includes:

  • Moab® HPC Suite Enterprise Edition to provide comprehensive workload scheduling and management to optimize performance
  • Intel Messaging Passing Interface Library 4.1 to enable optimal performance for applications on Intel® architecture-based clusters with industry leading latency
  • HP Insight Cluster Management Utility Connector for Moab HPC Suite to integrate management across jobs and node resources for reduced administration and improved control
  • Direct vendor support: Adaptive Computing provides direct support for all three components to ensure the best support response and experience

Not able to attend ISC 2013? Contact an Adaptive Computing representative today to learn more about Moab HPC Suite and Adaptive’s Workload Optimization Pack for Cluster Platforms. 

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