Watch out for Zombie Clouds

According to legend and television shows like The Walking Dead, zombies are mindless, reanimated dead corpses. Essentially, they are people without brains, who like to feast on the living.

In our industry, zombie clouds are clouds without brains that feast on VMs, decreasing our efficiency. Like their B-movie kin, zombie clouds can wreak havoc and are best avoided.


Zombie clouds spread chaos in the form of VM sprawl. Over time, as VMs are created and destroyed, the environment becomes increasingly fragmented. This VM sprawl results in low server utilization rates and makes it difficult to find space for new services. In these economic times, organizations need to ensure that their environments are as efficient as possible.

To avoid this VM sprawl, private clouds need constant optimization. A policy-based optimization engine like Moab continuously monitors the environment and eliminates inefficiency. This engine acts like a brain, intelligently acting on real-time information to optimize the environment. Private cloud users typically request more resources than they use. Instead of allocating resources based on the request, Moab can allocate resources based on actual usage.

Moab Cloud Suite brings zombie clouds back to the land of the living. Without a brain, clouds quickly devolve into chaos and inefficiency. Rather than fall victim to zombie clouds, organizations should build brains into their private cloud environments.

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